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March 28, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/28/07

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Iranian Official: Female British Sailor to Be Released

The woman, 26-year-old Faye Turney, is among 15 British sailors and marines detained by Iran in disputed waters off the Iranian-Iraqi coast last week, sparking a crisis between Iran and Britain. Britain insists the troops were in Iraqi waters, but Iran says they had crossed into its territorial waters.

I seriously doubt her release has anything to do with chivalry. More like women aren’t worth as much as men? They need to release ALL of them!!

Catholic-Muslim turf war still resonates at Cordoba cathedral

Approaching the guard at Cordoba’s majestic once-a-mosque, now-a-cathedral, Escudero posed the question: May I say Muslim prayers inside?

The slightly startled Spanish guard gave an emphatic no. This is a Catholic church, he said, and as such it is absolutely prohibited to pray in any other faith. Escudero persisted, but the guard was firm.

This is a cathedral, the guard repeated, growing more agitated: “A CA-THO-LIC CHURCH.”

This could get a little tricky. Would an imam allow a Catholic mass in a mosque, even if it use to be a church? I seriously doubt it.

Trohas gave $50,000 for inaugural

Gov. Jim Doyle’s inaugural committee raised more than $676,650 from corporations, groups and individuals, including now-indicted Kenosha businessman Dennis Troha, who with his wife gave $50,000.

How many of his family members coughed up a few bucks on his behalf as well? I always thought Gov. Dopey begging funds for his inauguration was kind of fishy.

‘Do not launch attack from our soil’

The president of the United Arab Emirates forbade the US military from using bases in his country to attack or spy on Iran as mammoth US Navy maneuvers in the Gulf entered their second day.

I guess Ahmabooboo can count on his neighbors to help him destroy and/or take over thier own countries. Why? Well, they’re Muslims of course. I can’t think of any other reason the countries in that region would deny the U.S., or any other country to stop this lunatic. Let’s face it, we do not, and never will have allies in the Muslim world.

Parents of slain minister file wrongful death suit against wife

The parents of a slain Church of Christ minister have filed a $2 million wrongful-death lawsuit against his wife, who is scheduled to stand trial for first-degree murder next month.

Mary Winkler, 33, is charged with shooting her husband, Matthew Winkler, in the back with a shotgun at their Selmer residence a year ago.

Now just where do they think this woman is going to get $2 mil? I haven’t noticed any multi million dollar houses as I’ve driven through that area.

Secret at heart of papal beatification case

It’s one of the Roman Catholic Church’s closely guarded secrets: the identity of the French nun whose testimony of an inexplicable cure from Parkinson’s disease is likely to be accepted as the miracle the Vatican needs to beatify Pope John Paul II.

How do they go about proving a miracle? Not being Catholic, I honestly don’t understand the process.

Wal-Mart Chief Writes Off New York

Wal-Mart to New York: fuhgeddaboudit.

Frustrated by a bruising, and so far unsuccessful battle to open its first discount store in the nation’s largest city, Wal-Mart’s chief executive said yesterday, “I don’t care if we are ever here.”

Good for him for finally realizing that New Yorkers are too good for Wal Mart. Pffft!

U.N. urges circumcision to fight HIV

U.N. health agencies recommended Wednesday that heterosexual men undergo circumcision because of “compelling” evidence that it can reduce their chances of contracting HIV by up to 60%.

But World Health Organization and UNAIDS experts said men need to be aware that circumcision is only partial protection against the virus and must be used with other measures.

Serious lifestyle changes would be much better to reduce the spread of HIV. I can’t figure out how circumcision would make that much difference, but then, I’m not male, so…..


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