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March 29, 2007

Gagging on my Grape Nuts

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Legislating Leadership on Iraq

This week it was the Senate’s turn. Like the House last week and the voters last November, the Senate made clear Tuesday that Americans expect to see the disaster in Iraq brought to an early and responsible end.

You keep pounding on this idea, but that’s not what that fiasco in November was all about.

President Bush’s reaction was instantaneous, familiar in its contempt for views that do not follow his in lockstep, and depressing in its lack of contact with reality. Mr. Bush threatened to veto the spending bill needed for this year’s military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan rather than accept language calling for most American combat troops to be withdrawn from Iraq sometime next year. Nor was there any hint of his own prescription for ending this war.

What he’s threatening to veto is the “time table” which gives our enemies hope, and the excessive pork that was thrown in that has absolutely NOTHING to do with our military.

Most Senate Republicans still stuck with Mr. Bush and his policies Tuesday. But their arguments are hollow. Senator John McCain of Arizona gibed that the bill should have been labeled the “Date Certain for Surrender Act.” Yet Mr. McCain himself co-sponsored a similar resolution in 1994 calling for withdrawal of American troops from Haiti “as soon as possible.” Other Republicans leading the attack on Democrats, like Senator John Warner of Virginia, also voted in favor of withdrawal from Haiti.

What, on G-d’s green earth, does Haiti have to do with Iraq?

Victory is no longer an option in Iraq, if it ever was. The only rational objective left is to responsibly organize America’s inevitable exit. That is exactly what Mr. Bush is not doing and what the House and Senate bills try to do.

Defeatists, like the New York Times, should find some where else to spew their crap, like Mars. I can’t imagine such negativity during WWII. If the communists at the Times can come up with a plan for victory, I sure would like to hear it. Otherwise, blow it out yer wazoo! Sadly, there are too many buy into their anti victory rants.

I’m afraid my anger is outweighing my logic.


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