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March 29, 2007

“I Am Spartacus”

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As you may, or may not know, a complaint was filed against Boots & Sabers for having the above “button” on the site.

I’ve been trying to get that bloomin’ thing up for a week, and finally managed not to screw it up today. So, I’m joining many others, not only showing support for Annette Ziegler for WI Supreme Court, but for Owen as well.

This is silly, but also a sign of how the Left plans on taking on the blogs under “campaign finance reform.” We saw the taxers and spenders in Washington state shut down talk radio under campaign finance laws for opposing a tax hike referendum on the air by labeling it an “in-kind” contribution to a political campaign in violation of campaign finance laws.

It may well be silly, but I get a kick out of annoying people. 🙂  Since no one is paying me, and I still have a 1st Amendment right of free speech, I’m going to use it!


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