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March 29, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/29/07

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Bush mocks pork in war funding

On the Senate bill, Mr. Bush noted that “there’s $3.5 million for visitors to tour the Capitol and see for themselves how Congress works.” To loud laughter from the cattlemen, he added: “I’m not kidding you.”

“The bill includes $74 million for peanut storage, $25 million for spinach growers,” he said to laughter. “There’s $6.4 million for the House of Representatives’ salaries and expense accounts. I don’t know what that is, but it is not related to the war and protecting the United States of America,” he said to more laughter and applause.

Unfortunately, it’s more like Congress laughing at the American people. “Fools, and you thought we Dems were going to stop the pork!”

Asheville VA hospital had severe care issues

The Veterans Affairs Department told the Asheville hospital to temporarily stop admitting patients in its 120-bed nursing home unit, the focus of the December 2004 investigation. The hospital suspended admissions and made other changes, said a VA spokeswoman.

THREE YEARS AGO? And they just now told them to stop? I hope I read that wrong. What is wrong with these people? These are our heroes they are treating like crap.

Incumbent, challenger square off in Waupun School Board race

Glen Wilson is challenging School Board incumbent Angela Hodge, who unseated him three years ago from his position on the board. Each candidate has one term of experience on the board.

I didn’t even know Glen was running again.

Bredesen favors tolls as road-funding option

Gov. Phil Bredesen is backing a proposal to create a Tennessee toll-road authority that might charge drivers to use some new roads and bridges.

Bredesen said charging tolls could avert a need to raise the gasoline tax to pay for new road projects. A previous version of a state toll-road authority was disbanded after years of inaction.

He’s a Dem, of course he’s talking about tolls and taxes. That’s what they do.

Former Gonzales Aide to Tell Senate Panel That Justice Department Firings Not Improper

The former top aide to embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales will tell the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday that eight federal prosecutors were fired last year because they did not sufficiently support President George W. Bush’s priorities — but, that the firings were not improper.

Congress should have been told it’s not their place to question the firings. It’s not under their jurisdiction. But alas, people try to be nice, give them info, and they act like kids in a candy store. It’s a NON issue. Move on! And btw, when are they going to demand answers from the “Burglar”?

What will Bill’s impact be?

Hillary Rodham Clinton has no more enthusiastic supporter than her husband in her bid to be the first female president. He is putting his strategic skills, fundraising clout and fabled charisma to work for her as the pair build a campaign juggernaut designed to crush her Democratic rivals.

GAG! He just wants use of the Oval Office again. :/ I have never figured out what people find so appealing about him.


CAPTURED Navy girl Faye Turney and her 14 fellow hostages were paraded on TV yesterday in an outrageous attempt to shore up Iran’s shabby lies.

It’s amazing how different this headline is from all the others I’ve seen this morning. One example: Iran says sailor will not be freed if Britain creates a ‘fuss’ Interesting.


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