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March 31, 2007

Morning Coffee 3/31/07

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Iran’s Ambassador to Russia: British Sailors May Be Tried

Iran’s ambassador to Russia renewed a threat Iranian officials made earlier this week, saying 15 British sailors held by Iran could be tried for violating international law, Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported Saturday.

Isn’t there proof that they were not in Iranian waters? Facts evidently don’t matter to lunatics. This is going to get ugly!

Metro could tell graffiti victims to pay $50 a day

Imagine your property in Nashville has been defaced by graffiti. Now imagine you get slapped with a fine for not cleaning it up.

A proposed Metro ordinance would require the property owner to clean up the graffiti within 10 days of being notified by the police or the Metro codes department. The penalty for not doing so would be a $50 fine and $50 a day after that until the graffiti is removed.

Shouldn’t Nashville look more at the “broken window” idea, like Giuliani had in NY, instead of punishing businesses that may not be able to keep the graffiti off their property? Punish the criminal, not the victim. This is a community problem, and the community should be working to prevent vandalism.

Gulf Hits Snags in Rebuilding Public Works

None of St. Bernard Parish’s 10 fire houses have been rebuilt, even though local officials estimate that 26,000 people have returned to the area, just east of New Orleans. In fact, across southern Louisiana and Mississippi, many school buildings remain closed, public water systems leak, roads crumble and libraries molder. Local governments cannot afford to fix them, and billions of dollars in recovery assistance promised by the federal government have only started to trickle to the region.

The federal government takes forever to get it’s head out of it’s hinder. This is a bureaucracy problem, not a Bush one. Although, the President COULD light a fire under some of those yahoos hinders. If they really wanted to rebuild, they could do it, brick by brick, a little at a time. I’m sure there is usable material somewhere in the area. Volunteers are still going down there to help out.

How Britons were conned by Iranian gunboat trick

The speed and cunning shown by the Revolutionary Guards has raised suspicions that their action was premeditated. A senior military officer described it as “deliberate”.

It took only three minutes for the Iranians, moving at 40 knots, to move from their legitimate positions monitoring shipping in their waters to come alongside the British last Friday morning.

Deliberate? Gee, ya think? I get the impression that Iran really does want to start a war. Question is: Why?

Gear shortage to haunt U.S. military years after Iraq war

Some lawmakers like John Murtha, also pointed out that nearly all the propositioned U.S. military equipment stored at locations around the world has been spent, save for one location.

“The vast majority of our army units here at home are critically short of equipment and personnel,” Murtha said, adding this was leaving some stateside units “at the lowest readiness level.”

Here’s a thought SFB, use that PORK y’all put in your cut and run bill to provide the necessary equipment for our military, instead of storing bloomin’ peanuts! Priorities people! Spinach and peanuts and national conventions are NOT at the top of the list. This nations safety is! Or damn well should be!

Guardian Angels launch city patrol, expand across US

The Guardian Angels, the controversial citizen force that began patrols in Dorchester yesterday afternoon just hours before a teenager was shot aboard a T bus in the neighborhood, is expanding its operations in a number of cities across the country as violent urban crime increases nationwide.

I’m not sure why they are so “controversial”. MORE citizens should be involved with keeping the cities safe. Unless they are beating the crap out of innocents, what’s the problem?  Maybe Southridge and Mayfair should ask ’em to patrol?  🙂  Better yet, McJackson’s district.


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