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April 1, 2007

Evening Snack

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McCain heckled by CNN reporter

During a live press conference in Bagdad, Senators McCain and Graham were heckled by CNN reporter Michael Ware. An official at the press conference called Ware’s conduct “outrageous,” saying, “here you have two United States Senators in Bagdad giving first-hand reports while Ware is laughing and mocking their comments. I’ve never witnessed such disrespect. This guy is an activist not a reporter.”

Wanna bet this clown will be praised by the “objective” folks at CNN? I checked their site, and not one word about the incident. Big shocker.

If the butler does it, you’ll pay
The rich need more servants. How does $80K a year sound?

The rich might be getting richer, but their lives are hardly trouble-free. In Southern California, there aren’t enough servants to go around.

Wealthy families need more chefs to prepare their meals, more maids and butlers to serve them, more housekeepers to keep their mansions tidy and more nannies and night nurses to tend their offspring.

Biggest problem I see with getting a job in Southern California is the fact you’d actually have to LIVE out there. Earthquakes, left coast libs, etc. And no offense to my So. Cal readers. 🙂

Hamas: We’re ready to defend Gaza from IDF invasion

Hamas spokesman Ismail Radwan said in response to reports that Israel was planning a major operation in the Gaza Strip, “Hamas and the Palestinian people are fully prepared for the next battle with the Israeli enemy. Our response will be painful because our men are prepared for jihad and martyrdom. Hamas remains committed to jihad as a strategic option for liberating all of Palestine. This enemy understands only the language of force and we will teach them an unforgettable lesson.”

Translation: “We will eradicate Israel.”

HIV patient names to be tracked

The names of people infected with HIV will be tracked in all 50 states by the end of 2007, marking a victory for federal health officials and a quiet defeat for AIDS advocates who wanted to keep patients’ names out of state databases.

I understand why they’d want their names kept private, yet I also understand the need to be able to track contact. This is a deadly disease that needs to be stopped.

Schumer Wants Iglesias Cleared

A New York senator is demanding a retraction from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on behalf of New Mexico’s former chief Federal prosecutor, who was fired along with seven other prosecutors last year. Senator Schumer, Democrat of New York, wrote Mr. Gonzales on Friday demanding that the attorney general clear David Iglesias’ name. Mr. Schumer’s letter came the day after Mr. Gonzales’ former chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, testified before Congress that in hindsight, he would not have recommended Iglesias for dismissal.

Isn’t Iglesias the guy who wouldn’t prosecute voter fraud? If so, he should have been canned.



  1. Just out of curiosity….what about New Mexico’s Senators? Are they demanding this also?

    Comment by David — April 2, 2007 @ 6:44

  2. I haven’t been able to find anything that says they do. I’ll keep looking though.

    Comment by olbroad — April 2, 2007 @ 7:03

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