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April 2, 2007

Are We Doomed?

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When members of Congress, no matter which party, takes it upon themselves to play the roll of the Secretary of State, or even the President, we’ve got some serious problems.

A Separate Peace?

Speaker Pelosi’s visit to Syria, due to take place today, raises the question of whether the Democrats are prepared to seek a separate peace. When America was serious about war such a trip would have been seen as a scandal. At Casablanca, say, Roosevelt and Churchill decided, as one U.S. government Web site recounts, “that no peace would be concluded except on the basis of ‘unconditional surrender.'” Roosevelt wanted “to assure the people of all the fighting nations that no separate peace negotiations would be carried on with representatives of Fascism and Nazism and there would be no compromise of the war’s idealistic objectives.”

Unless they are going at the request of the President of the United States, I feel they are perhaps committing treason. I’m not sure, but I know I don’t like it one little bit. Syria is a sponsor of terrorism, and if you’ll remember correctly, we do NOT negotiate with terrorists.

Both congressional visits seek cover in recommendations made by the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group. The next logical step will be to undertake a pilgrimage to Tehran, to open a dialogue with President Ahmadinejad. Senator Clinton, on the campaign trail, has been calling for negotiations with Iran, though she seems to have muted the call since the Iranians seized 15 royal marines. In December, 2006, Mr. al-Assad was paid a yet another visit by a particularly craven senator, Arlen Specter, who has long labored under the illusion that the Syrian Baathists could be brought around. None of this lightens the burden of proof that will be on Ms. Pelosi to demonstrate how her visit has improved our position.

Are these people on the same planet? Do they not watch the news, read the papers, or better yet, the internet? Remember Hariri?

As the speaker was preparing to leave Jerusalem for Damascus, the chief of Israel’s military intelligence, Major General Yadlin, told the Cabinet that Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah are making defensive preparations for war this summer. The Iranian staff chief, Hassan Fayrouz, is warning the Arab leaders that Israel intends to start a war. If, or when, fighting is renewed, the anti-American alliance will count on Hamas to open another front.

Is she planning on curing the fanaticism that overwhelms the Middle East?

If Ms. Pelosi believes, as she told the Knesset, that Iran must be prevented from acquiring nuclear weapons, she must explain how that is to be done without at least the possibility of recourse to military action. This she cannot do, because of the anti- Iraq war sentiment that has swept her own party’s precincts. Instead she plays domestic politics at Israel’s expense, despite warnings from our own state department that visiting Syria is a recipe for trouble. Ms. Pelosi will be fortunate if she, unlike the royal marines, is allowed to return home to America, though it is an open question where she can do more damage, over there or over here.

I think she’s done more damage in the couple of months she’s been Speaker than the left claims Bush has done in his 6 years in office.  Queen Nancy has evidently forgotten one very important item.  The Muslim fanatics have NO respect for women!  And I’m pretty sure she’s female.

Until recently, I at least had a small amount of respect for the Congress. Sad to say, even that is now gone. My disgust and distrust has grown to mammoth proportions.


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