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April 5, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/5/07

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15 British Troops Detained by Iran for 13 Days Land in London

Fifteen British sailors and marines held captive for nearly two weeks in Iran arrived home Thursday, a day after the announcement of their release defused a growing confrontation between the two countries.

The crew, dressed in fresh uniforms, lined up beside the plane as photographers captured their arrival. They smiled and many stood with their hands behind their back before boarding two military helicopters at Heathrow Airport.

It’s about bloomin’ time! Yet again, Iran gets away with acting like a spoiled brat, never any consequences. You can guaran-damn-te that if the Brits, or the U.S. had kidnapped 15 of theirs, there would have been hell to pay.

U.S. Helped Free Iranian Diplomat

The decision to release Jalal Sharafi on Tuesday was made at the White House, according to an administration official who asked to be anonymous because of the sensitivity of the information. The release took place over the objections of some commanders in the field. Mr. Sharafi, the second secretary of the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad, is believed by American military intelligence also to be a member of the lethal Quds Force, the terrorist-supporting organization whose members have been fair game for American soldiers and Iraqi allies since a change in the rules of engagement was issued in December.

So, the only reason they released the sailors and marines was because of this guy? I thought we didn’t negotiate with terrorists. Guess I was wrong. We might as well all start bowing down to Mecca now, cuz that’s surely what we’ll have to do in the future.

Naked woman dives at car, stabs 1 in Plano

Before they arrived, Ms. Richardson jumped out of the car, ran into a parking garage on Avenue K and took off her clothes.

“Then she runs back out into the street and swan dives in front of a car,” Detective Minton said. “The car was able to stop before it hit her but was rear-ended.”
“The [wife] asks her if there’s anything she can do. And the [suspect] tells her, ‘You can help me with this’ and reaches into her pants on the ground and pulls out a knife. She stabbed her multiple times in the upper torso,” Detective Minton said.

Talk about your seriously weird behavior.

Despite call to investigator, secret files linger at library

Dozens of files containing confidential medical billing information, including Social Security numbers and addresses, were left in a Milwaukee public library meeting room last week by an investigator for the state’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit who failed to retrieve them despite a phone call by library officials alerting her to the situation.
“This appears to be an error in judgment,” St. John said.

Gee, ya think? Or perhaps just plain ol’ laziness, with the “I don’t give a happy crap” attitude thrown in for good measure?

Syria promises to mediate on subject of prisoners

Syrian officials told US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that Syria would do its utmost to influence Hamas and Hizbullah and promote a prisoner exchange deal for the release of kidnapped Israeli soldiers, Gilad Shalit, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

She, and her entourage, had no business being there in the first place. If Syria had wanted to do anything about the kidnapped Israeli soldiers, they would have a long time ago. Just what did Queen Nan “promise” them, I wonder.

No grounds to expect early U.S. strike against Iran – Russian diplomat

There are no grounds to expect a U.S. attack on Iran in the next few days, a deputy Russian foreign minister said Thursday.

The last few days have seen reports in Russian and foreign media that the U.S. has scheduled an operation, codenamed Bite, against Iran for 4:00 a.m. local time April 6. The operation to deliver air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities was to have lasted more than 12 hours.

“Our contacts with the U.S. side give no grounds for such expectations,” Alexander Losyukov said.

Yeah, and the White House has stated we have no plans to attack Iran, so far. But then from about 45 minutes earlier, there was this:

Iran’s air defense can repel U.S. air strikes – Russian brass

A Kuwaiti newspaper warned Wednesday that the United States was planning a missile strike against Iran some time in April. In an editorial citing unnamed Washington sources, As-Siyasa said air-to-surface missiles could be used in U.S. strikes against Iran, but that no ground operation would be launched to avoid casualties among U.S. service personnel.

Hmm….methinks the Russians are stirring up trouble. Perhaps they have the world domination mindset again?


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