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April 5, 2007

Say whut?

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So, I’m sitting there at the dentist office this morning for my follow up visit, minding my own business, when I happened to glance down and see the Metro section of the MJS. Having nothing better to do, I picked it and noticed Eugene Kane’s column. I honestly wish I hadn’t. Naturally, I had to look up the on-line version to see if I really had read that correctly. Yup….that’s what it said alright. Criminy!

McGee win illustrates a city’s divide

If anyone needed proof there are two sides to the city of Milwaukee, look no further than Mike McGee’s election night victory.

The controversial alderman defeated seven opponents in one fell swoop Tuesday, gaining 64% of the vote in an eight-person field to ensure he gets to finish the remainder of his term.

In the spirit of the college hoops playoffs, what McGee achieved can officially be described as a blowout.

More like a major snow job!

That’s impressive considering all the condemnation of McGee from various sectors, including what seemed like the entire mainstream media – including this newspaper – and most major broadcast stations in town.

Impressive? Actually, it’s downright shameful that the people in McJackson’s district are so blinded to the embarrassment McJackson has caused the whole city of Milwaukee.

So, if you read the Journal Sentinel’s editorials or listened to the screaming heads on WTMJ-AM radio or WISN-AM, you probably expected McGee to go down in flames. But if you listened to the black press and radio stations such as WNOV-AM or WMCS-AM, it’s been clear for some time that many central city residents were dead set against McGee being recalled from office simply because the powers-that-be in town were fed up with his act.

Is that the same “black press” that won’t speak up to condemn his behavior? That has no problem with the crime that is rampant in their own neighborhoods? The same black press who didn’t speak out when he threatened another’s life? Talked about stringing up a critic? THAT black press? Sorry, not impressed.

Granted, I do think McGee’s concept of civility in office often sends the wrong message to the young African-Americans who often get in trouble for acting without thinking. The 37-year-old McGee is only slightly older than the generation of blacks who are prone to the same kind of impetuous behavior that can cause problems for all residents.

Is that a back handed pass for bad behavior?

With this decisive victory, a short-term moratorium on all things McGee could be a welcome relief. It could serve as time to let the alderman recede into the background and set about the work voters elected him to do, including solving daunting problems with crime and violence. Maybe it would be best if both sides of Milwaukee didn’t have to hear about Mike McGee for a while.

It might have been a victory for McGee, but it was definitely a defeat for the people of his district. But, I guess you get the gubmint ya vote for, so perhaps, they deserve him.  I’m really happy I don’t live in his district.

Question:  Just how much business/jobs has McGee brought into his district?  Just wondering.



  1. Truthfully, if someone would propose walling off the entire 6th Aldermanic District with a 12 foot impenetrable wall … no one in, no one out … and let all the animals kill each other, I’m not sure I’d oppose it. I’d call it an Upholstered Toilet, but that would be an upgrade … I’ll stick with Upholstered Port-A-John.

    Comment by Peter — April 5, 2007 @ 10:37

  2. Isn’t there an uninhabited island somewhere? Out in the middle of nowhere? 🙂

    Comment by olbroad — April 6, 2007 @ 7:14

  3. You think the 6th District is all cut from the same cloth? People, opinions, housing stock, property value, etc. are extremely diversified. District 6 has the largest bloc of Republican voters in the central/north/east part of the city. But nobody there needs idiots who live far away talking about walls.

    Comment by Dan — April 6, 2007 @ 7:21

  4. I prefer my idea of an island. Round up all the serious trouble makers, give them the tools need to grow food, tell ’em to work together or die of starvation. If they kill each other, make sure they bury the dead, to prevent the spread of disease. Otherwise, leave them to their own devices. You can shout discrimination, or bring up concentration camps, but there’s a major difference. One – those who are causing the trouble have already segregation themselves from society. Two – it won’t be us systimatically killing them. They’ll be given a choice.

    Comment by olbroad — April 6, 2007 @ 7:36

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