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April 5, 2007


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U.S. Republican meets Assad day after contentious Pelosi visit

A visiting U.S. congressman held talks with President Bashar Assad
Thursday, a day after a congressional delegation headed by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sparked controversy by meeting the Syrian leader.

U.S. President George W. Bush has rejected direct talks with Damascus and criticized Pelosi for her visit.

Congress is doing their best to make the office of the POTUS completely irrelevant.

Commenting on Bush’s criticism, California Republican Darrell Issa said the president had failed to promote the necessary dialogue to resolve disagreements between the U.S. and Syria.

Let’s see…this is a country that not only supports terrorism, but promotes it, and these yahoos want to chat with them?

Issa, a Lebanese-American who frequently travels to the region, said he and other members of Congress would continue to encourage the Bush administration to engage Syria.

My mother, who was an American first, of Lebanese decent, would be appalled.

Bush sharply criticized Pelosi for leading the delegation to meet Assad, a move he said was counterproductive because it eased the country’s isolation. The White House, however, stayed relatively quiet about a similar trip just a few days earlier by a delegation of three congressmen from Bush’s own party who also met with Syria’s leaders.

Pelosi said the congressional visits were an excellent idea and said she was hopeful that Syrian-U.S. confidence could be restored through dialogue.

“I don’t care what the administration says on this. You gotta do what you think is in the best interest of your country,” said Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, who was part of the delegation.

I’m pretty sure Bush critisized the Republicans trip too. And by the way Mr. Wolf, the best thing for your country is to stop undermining it’s safety….ya putz!

(Ok, now, I guess I’m going to get another visit from the Sergeant of Arms again, eh?  Welcome sir…and please, pass along my disgust, ok?)


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