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April 6, 2007

Evening Snack (early)

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Disney Opens Weddings to Gay Couples

“We believe this change is consistent with Disney’s long-standing policy of welcoming every guest in an inclusive environment,” Disney Parks and Resorts spokesman Donn Walker said Friday. “We want everyone who comes to celebrate a special occasion at Disney to feel welcome and respected.”

Ya know, welcoming everyone is one thing. Promoting is something else altogether.

Freed captives describe Iranian threats and pressure

The 15 Royal Navy personnel captured by Iran described today how they were blindfolded, bound and subjected to “constant psychological pressure” during their 13 days in captivity.

I saw a guy on the news this afternoon stating that the officers should be charged, or at least forced out of the military. I disagree. I think the jackass who refused to let them fight back should be strung up by his toes!

What comes after blasting music? It could be hearing loss, students told

The experiment yesterday underscored a growing debate in the scientific community about whether children are at greater risk for hearing loss because of their constant exposure to loud sounds, not only in the lunchroom but any place where they listen to music on headphones.

How ’bout sticking that gizmo in the little jerks who drive by and rattle my bloomin’ windows! I’m starting to think there should be NO stereo speakers in teenagers cars. grrrrrrr

Transit drivers reject contract offer

Milwaukee County Transit System workers have overwhelmingly rejected a proposed union contract that would have required them to pay for their health care for the first time.

Poor babies! Maybe they should try living out here in the real world with those of us who have no choice but to pay $5,000 (and rising) a year for catastrophic health care. No doctors visits covered, LARGE co pays for prescriptions, if they even cover the required prescription, etc. I feel NO pity!

N.C. Senate issues apology for slavery

Following the lead of Virginia lawmakers, the Senate unanimously backed a resolution stating its ”profound contrition.” The resolution, which now goes to the House, recounts a history of discrimination, from the first slaves in the British colony of ”Carolina” in 1669 through the Civil War and Jim Crow era.

KNOCK IT OFF! No one alive today has ever been a slave in this country. No one alive today has ever owned a slave.

Paper: Hizbullah says captives being treated ‘humanely’

Two Israeli soldiers held by Hizbullah in Lebanon since last summer are being treated “humanely,” a Hizbullah official told an Israeli Arab newspaper published Friday, in what the paper interpreted as the first hint that the two captives are alive.

Would anyone expect Hizbullah to say, “Oh hey, yeah. We’re treating those two young fellas like pure d crap”?

Children ‘seen as not fully human’

Researchers from Victoria University and Save the Children analysed submissions to the parliamentary select committee on Green MP Sue Bradford’s bill to repeal section 59 of the Crimes Act.

They contrasted submissions viewing children as “human becomings” – developing adults “not yet quite human” and requiring correction – with those that considered them fully-fledged human beings able to make decisions about their lives and possessing human rights.

Kids aren’t really people? Whut?



  1. 1. The British Hostages. Name rank and serial number applies to POWS. These guys were hostages, the Geneva Conventions did not protect them, they had no hope of going home when the war was over. Their only hope to get home was to cooperate with their kidnappers. Anyone who argues these brave soldiers and sailors did not act properly has no CLUE what they are talking about. Unless you can guarantee you would not do the same, SHUT UP.

    2. Hizbullah and the Israeli soldiers. Funny, Ms. Nancy never mentioned anyting about Syria’s Handmaidens freeing these guys in order to show they were really interested in talking peace.

    Comment by rosettaresearch — April 6, 2007 @ 9:26

  2. Too many people are speculating on what actually happened off camera in Iran. I’d like to know the whole story before all the ‘what ifs’.

    Of course, she didn’t mention those two soldiers. She was too busy with her lips firmly placed on Assad’s ass! The woman is an embarrassment!

    Comment by olbroad — April 7, 2007 @ 7:13

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