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April 6, 2007

Just In Case You Missed It

Filed under: Politically INcorrect — olbroad @ 5:30

I thought O’Reilly was actually going to have a stroke!

Ya know, he was right though.  The guy should have been deported.  He was breaking the law, yet let go to break the law again, then let go to kill kids with a car.



  1. I saw it live. I could not believe O’Reilly lost it (he lost it later with someone else in the same program). In a way they are both right. If the guy had been deported, he would not have been on the roads to kill those precious girls. But, if his first drunk driving conviction has been treated as more than an “Ooops” he might have been in jail and not been on the road. Bill’s main point was also that the MSM is NOT covering this story. Because, of course, one cannot say anything about illegal immigrants but how wonderful and hard working they are. Geraldo was dead wrong when he said that illegals break the law less than people here legally. No, 100% of illegal immigrants break the law. They are breaking the law by being here.

    Comment by rosettaresearch — April 6, 2007 @ 9:22

  2. I ended up watching it twice. The Mr. missed it the first time around, so we watched the replay. Criminy, once was enough. LOL

    Yeah, I’m surprised Bill let the fact that they were ALL breaking the law slip by.

    Comment by olbroad — April 7, 2007 @ 7:09

  3. I just heard that the guy who while driving drunk killed the director who made “A Christmas Story (and apparently Porky’s)not only had a previus record, but was in the country illegally. Two things needs to happen 1) treat drunk driving as the serious crime it is and lock the person up for a very long time, even for a first offense where no one is injured, and 2) deport illegal aliens the FIRST time they get caught — with a strong border to keep them from coming back in. Those revolving doors on the border just are not providing enough security.

    Comment by rosettaresearch — April 7, 2007 @ 1:17

  4. Sadly, no one seems to pay attention to the legal status when someone is caught for drunk driving. I’m with you….I think penalties should be stiffer even for a first offense. Make a deal with the country of origin for them to serve their time in THEIR prisons. >:-)

    Comment by olbroad — April 7, 2007 @ 1:45

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