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April 6, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/6/07

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Some call anti-war plan a ploy

In a move some criticized as a self-serving ruse to increase voter turnout, Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata on Thursday unveiled legislation to place a measure on California’s presidential primary ballot calling for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

Berkeley – moonbat central! I seriously think they need to start teaching REAL history in our public schools, not the white wash version. Maybe then, even the politicians will get a clue.

Immigrants keep large cities’ populations from shrinking

Without immigrants pouring into the nation’s big metro areas, places such as New York, Los Angeles and Boston would be shrinking as native-born Americans move farther out.

Just why do they think American borns are moving out? You buy a home in a nice, safe neighborhood, and in a few years, you’re living in a different country, with a completely different language, where the crime rate has exploded.

‘Britons Could Attack Us’

The man charged with protecting Americans from terrorist attack has told Sky News he is worried radicalised Britons could try to mount an assault on his country.

Michael Chertoff, the Head of Homeland Security, said the US needed further protection from so-called “clean skins” in Britain or Europe. That is the name given by the intelligence community to those people who feel alienated but have not come to the attention of the authorities.

The foiled airline plot should be proof enough that we are in danger from the EU.

Panel: Global Warming a Threat to Earth

An international global warming conference approved a report Friday warning of dire threats to the Earth and to mankind — from increased hunger to the extinction of species — unless the world adapts to climate change and halts its progress.

The planet’s biggest threat is from self important lunatics! Species become extinct all the time. We don’t control that either. I don’t suppose anyone has thought of making the looney tunes become extinct, have they? sigh… They just keep multiplying. I can see ’em now….all dressed in white robes with yellow stripes, chanting over the dodo birds.

Disciplined, skilled, loyal — and struggling to find a job

Raymond Garibay ought to be able to handle an office job. After all, the Iraq War veteran ran a computer network for an Army battalion in the midst of a war zone — while facing nightly mortar attacks.

But Garibay, a 25-year-old Houston man who served two tours in Iraq, has been unable to find work since leaving the Army in December.

I thought vets were put at the top of the pile? There’s no excuse for this young man, or any returning vet not to be able to find a job…..NONE!

PA fears UN may order all aid workers out of lawless Gaza

Palestinian Authority officials on Thursday expressed fear that the United Nations may formally declare the Gaza Strip a dangerous zone – a move that would result in the evacuation of the remaining foreign nationals from the area and drastically hamper international humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

When going gets tough, the UN runs. Hey, I guess that’s where the Dems (Dhimmis) learned the maneuver.

John Ford to argue FBI payments weren’t bribes

Former state Sen. John Ford will argue at his public corruption trial that payments he took from undercover FBI agents were not bribes, his lawyer indicated in court Thursday.
At least two video recordings show Ford taking money from an undercover FBI agent and putting it in his pockets.

E-Cycle management was a shell company created by the FBI for a statewide investigation called Tennessee Waltz. Ford is one of five current or former state lawmakers charged with bribery and extortion in the investigation.

“Honest your honor, I have no idea how that money got into my pocket!”


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