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April 7, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/7/07

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Police: Two blacks stabbed in Palm Springs hate crime

A female white supremacist gang member stabbed a black man and woman during an apparent race-related brawl late Thursday, authorities said.
The stabbings occurred during a street fight between white and black crowds that totaled close to 30 near the city’s busy weekly street fair, Spike said.

Are there no ladies any more? What kind of brainwashing creates such hatred?

Most illegal immigrants not prosecuted
Analysis shows that 98% on Mexican border freed

For all the tough talk out of Washington on immigration, illegal immigrants caught along the Mexican border have almost no reason to fear they will be prosecuted.

Ninety-eight percent of those arrested between Oct. 1, 2000, and Sept. 30, 2005, were never prosecuted for illegally entering the country, according to an Associated Press analysis of federal data. Those 5.3 million immigrants were simply escorted back across the Rio Grande and turned loose. Many presumably tried to slip into the U.S. again.

Is it any wonder people don’t trust the gubmint? They won’t even enforce our laws, why should we trust them?

A rare, frigid Easter is ahead for the area

An unseasonable winter blast moving through Houston today could send temperatures plunging to around 40 before dawn Easter morning.

Temps ‘plunged’ to 40 eh? (snicker) I’d prefer 40 about now. 🙂

PM trying carbon scare tactics: Garrett

When he set up the taskforce in December, Mr Howard said the government would not involve Australia in a climate scheme that would harm the economy or give Australia’s competitors an advantage.

Smart man. It’s a shame so many are buying into what amounts to a ‘pymamid’ scheme.

Jewish leaders upset by cross at Daley Plaza

A 19-foot-tall cedar cross erected on Daley Plaza on Good Friday by several Christian denominations crosses the line between church and state, according to two Chicago Jewish leaders.

Do Christians get bent out of shape where a giant Menorah is put up anywhere? I don’t think so. It’s Easter fer petes sake, and we are a country based on Judeo-Christian principles. NO WHERE in the Constitution does the phrase “separation of church and state” occur.

Soldier Recounts Abuse at Walter Reed

While the machine monitored Burgess, a surveillance camera captured Echeverri fondling the drugged soldier while he was helpless to respond, court records reflect. Tapes show the technician engaging in similar conduct with two other male patients, one an active-duty soldier and the other a 16-year-old boy, according to records and interviews.

Don’t they run bloomin’ back ground checks on the people they hire? That is just flat out incompetent!

China issues regulation banning trade of human organs

Any doctor found to be involved in human organ trade will have their practitioner licence revoked. Clinics will be suspended from doing organ transplant operations for at least three years. Fines are set at between eight to ten times the value of the outlawed trade, the new rules said.
The regulation stipulates that human organ transplants should respect the principle of voluntary and free donation and makes it a crime to harvest organs without the owner’s permission or against his will.

The Chinese just now noticed there was a problem? Hmmm… I wonder if this rule includes their prisons? Kind of rude to take someone’s organs when they are still using them.



  1. Forty is a heat wave!

    We’ve got windchills in the teens right now.

    Wear earmuffs under your Easter bonnet and don’t forget that Wisconsin Spring fashion must — your mittens.

    Have a joyous Easter, Kate!

    Comment by Mary — April 7, 2007 @ 1:22

  2. Sadly, I am in Wisconsin right now, car covered with snow. sigh… My feet are freezing! 😦 I really miss Easter Sunrise Services, back when it was normal to have on the pastel colored frock, with the bonnet, white gloves, and little girl purse. No coat required. Hey, wait a minute….I thought there was global warming. Shouldn’t we all be dressed in shorts?

    Comment by olbroad — April 7, 2007 @ 1:48

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