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April 7, 2007


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School Renames Easter Bunny ‘Peter Rabbit’

A Rhode Island public school has decided the Easter bunny is too Christian and renamed him Peter Rabbit, and a state legislator is so hopping mad he has introduced an “Easter Bunny Act” to save the bunny’s good name.

They have GOT to be kidding! Peter Rabbit is a character in a book by Beatrix Potter. The Easter bunny is actually a pagan symbol. Are they so bloomin’ stupid they don’t even know this? What do they teach in schools these days anyway!?

The Easter bunny was scheduled to make an appearance at a craft fair on Saturday at Tiverton Middle School in Tiverton, R.I.

But the district’s schools Superintendent William Rearick told event organizers to change the bunny’s name to Peter Rabbit in “an attempt to be conscious of other people’s backgrounds and traditions.”

I wonder how this clown actually got the job of superintendent, cuz goodness knows, it couldn’t be on his vast educational background.

“As a Christian symbol, I would say [the Easter bunny] is not one of those that I would go to the barricades to defend,” Rev. Bernard Healy, the Catholic Diocese of Providence, R.I., said in a statement.

This is a priest? Wouldn’t at least HE know the history?

“Public schools should not be promoting Easter celebrations, and to the extent that the school districts try to avoid that problem they are to be commended,” Steve Brown, the executive director of the ACLU Rhode Island affiliate, said in a statement.

And the ACLU can bite my hinder! An organization that has pushed so much nonsense, you’d think at least THEY would have done a little research. Of course, facts don’t ever get in the way of their truth, so I guess that’s asking too much.

Singleton said the bill is meant to protect all traditional and religious symbols for example, if someone wanted to change “the name of the menorah to the candelabra.”

I’d protest that too. It’s a menorah…NOT a candelabra. It’s a Christmas tree, NOT a holiday tree. It’s the Easter bunny, NOT Peter bloomin’ Rabbit!

“By the way, Peter Rabbit stole cabbages and that’s not a good role model for out kids,” he joked.

Hey, stealing is ok with the PC crowd, deprived childhood and all that.


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