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April 11, 2007

My Thoughts

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After watching the news conference with those 3 young men from the Duke lacrosse “case”, something struck me. The lawyer spelled out innocent….”I-N-N-O-C-E-N-T!” for the press. Obviously, many in the press are unfamiliar with this word. I wonder if a lesson will be learned from this sad episode, although, I seriously doubt it. Will the press start investigating for the truth, or will they continue to slap a label on a situation, and varnish over their conclusions?

We see it on a daily basis in the main stream media, network, cable, print, and yes, even the internet. Some reporter will state something as fact, yet later that tidbit will proved as false. Yet do they back track and report, as a headline, or a lead story, the correction? No, as long as it “bleeds, it leads”, the truth be damned. I think we should hold the media MORE accountable than we have in the past. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, or somewhere in between, it is time to demand excellence from those who report the news. We want facts, true facts, not personal opinion or political slant.


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