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April 13, 2007

Evening Snack

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Researchers Explore Scrapping Internet

The idea may seem unthinkable, even absurd, but many believe a “clean slate” approach is the only way to truly address security, mobility and other challenges that have cropped up since UCLA professor Leonard Kleinrock helped supervise the first exchange of meaningless test data between two machines on Sept. 2, 1969.

Wait a minute! You mean algore DIDN’T invent the internet?

Property tax cut approved by Legislature

The measure will save taxpayers – and cost state coffers – $142 million. “You are giving tax relief to the citizens of Georgia. It’s something you can all be proud of,” House Appropriations Chairman Ben Harbin (R-Evans), told his colleagues this morning.

Wouldn’t ya just go into shock to read something like that being said in Madison?

‘American Taliban’ sent to Supermax

John Walker Lindh, serving a 20-year sentence after fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan, has been transferred to Supermax, the federal government’s most secure prison, authorities said.

Only 20 years? Will he be in solitary the whole time?

Bushes Pay $186,378 In Federal Taxes For 2006

The president and Mrs. Bush contributed $78,100 to churches and charitable organizations, including the volunteer fire department in Crawford, Texas, where they own a ranch, according to their tax return, released Friday by the White House.

The Bushes’ adjusted gross income of $765,801 was about $30,600 higher than the year before. They paid $27,474 in state property taxes on the ranch — up about $1,000 from the previous year.

I guess even President’s have to pay more in property taxes this year.

Experts see firing of Imus as broadcast tipping point

Eight days after Imus called members of the Rutgers University women’s basketball team “nappy-headed hos” — comments that at first were largely ignored by major media outlets — the 66-year-old member of the Broadcasting Hall of Fame found himself unemployed.

Does anyone else find it odd the media, of all varieties, keeps repeating the phrase, over and over and over and over?

Galveston teacher removed over computer use

Galveston school officials removed a male substitute teacher from class this week because he had been viewing inappropriate Web sites in classrooms.

Sounds mighty familiar, but I don’t think the results were the same.

Jurors see videos of Tennessee senator Ford taking FBI money

A jury saw video footage today of former state Sen. John Ford pocketing cash counted out by an undercover FBI agent investigating public corruption in Tennessee.

You know if this guy had been a Republican, they would NOT have failed to point that out. :/

Handful of soda fountains still thriving

When regulars stroll into the Highland Park Pharmacy, the waitress at the old-fashioned soda fountain starts pumping syrup before they slide onto a stool.

I really miss soda fountains! Great sodas, great banana splits, excellent burgers made with real meat with real fat. sigh…. Fast food killed ’em, along with “friendly service”.

Police back-up units forced to hitch rides with mobile libraries

Rather than cruising their beats in police cars, they may have to be ferried around villages in a makeshift armada of buses, mail vans and mobile libraries.

Was this what the mayor of Milwaukee had in mind when he decided book-mobiles would fight crime?


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