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April 15, 2007

Dr. Feelgood

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Paying to absolve the sin of emissions

When Cal Broomhead drove to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone last summer on vacation, he felt pretty bad about the carbon dioxide emissions from his Volvo station wagon.

Then he should have stayed home and played Tiddly Winks with the kiddies.

So he paid $100 to a company that then subsidized a wind energy project that generates electricity without producing greenhouses gases. Broomhead was told his contribution made up for a year of driving about 12,000 miles as well as his household’s annual use of electricity and natural gas.

Why couldn’t I come up with a scheme like this. I mean, after all, if you’re going to bamboozle people, ya might as well make a few bucks, right?

In the new vernacular, Broomhead and his family were “carbon neutral.”

“It makes me feel good. It means I’m walking my talk,” he said.

I’m gonna take a wild stab and say this guy, and his family, is still breathing. Not so “carbon neutral”. But, by all means, if it makes ya feel good……

Still to be determined is whether carbon offsets are the new commodity that will truly help the environment — or merely salve the consciences of people who don’t want to give up the luxury of big cars, jet travel, overheated homes, blazing lights and gluttonous appliances.

I turn off lights. I don’t drive a luxury car, but I do keep up on the maintenance so it won’t pollute any more than necessary. The only time we fly is when I can’t drive, typically water crossing is involved. I recycle. And I’m NOT paying some fool just to make myself feel better.

More than four dozen companies worldwide sell carbon offsets, the credits for cutting emissions through green energy projects. And although many seek independent experts who verify that the money is used to cut greenhouse gases, the businesses are unregulated by the government and lack even voluntary standards. That opens the door to fraud and mismanagement, critics say.

Fraud? Ya think? (snicker)

Denis Hayes, who coordinated the first Earth Day in 1970, doesn’t see harm in individuals buying carbon credits. But it could be like trying to absolve sins by buying indulgences, he said.

“I find it slightly offensive that somebody who literally goes on two safaris a year, drives a Rolls-Royce, has at least three houses, and offsets his carbon emissions for $85 can brag about it,” he said. “It’s doing some good, but it doesn’t in any way compensate for his impact on global warming.”

If a person can afford to do all that, then he/she can damn well cough up more than that to make themselves feel good.

Studies show that at the present rate, global citizens will produce 2 trillion tons of carbon dioxide over the next 50 years. At least 642 billion tons must be cut to stabilize Earth’s greenhouse gas levels and escape the most extreme effects of global warming — melting ice fields, rising sea levels, widespread extinctions of species, and extreme weather like drought, heat waves and hurricanes.

What on earth makes these people think we have anything to do with stabilizing the planet? Or even that we could? We do not control this great big ball.

I’ve got some ‘Gullibility Credits’ for sale. How many should I put ya down for?


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