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April 15, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/15/07

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Parents, politicians spar over vaccine

In Wisconsin, state Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) is preparing legislation that would require the HPV vaccine for all young girls. But some lawmakers, physicians and parents say many educational and financial obstacles must be addressed before it can be taken seriously. They also argue the vaccine is too new and needs more time to be tested.

Sorry Lena, you are just flat out wrong on this one. No government should force parents to give their daughters a vaccine that is not 100% proved. There just isn’t enough information yet on the long term effects.

Foes of FB ban clash on tactics

“People on the same side of an issue sometimes get angrier at each other for not agreeing how to fight than they get at their opponents,” said Christopher McGuire, one of the leaders of Uniting Farmers Branch, a grassroots movement launched last fall to fight Ordinance 2903. “And also, I think people are feeling pretty stressed, because it looks like we’re going to lose pretty badly. My prediction is we’re going to lose 2-1.”

This could get ugly. Fighting against enforcing the law. Odd!

Militants hit U.S. targets in Morocco

Two brothers blew themselves up outside American offices yesterday, marking the third terrorist attack since Tuesday in what bears the hallmarks of a new al Qaeda campaign in North Africa.

I guess since the Dems have surrendered it Iraq, they think it’s ok to spread the evil.

N.J. Governor Undergoes Another Operation

Governor Corzine underwent a second operation here Saturday morning, an hourlong procedure to clean the wound around his badly broken thigh bone. The hospital’s director of orthopedic trauma, Dr. Robert F. Ostrum, declared the surgery to be “routine and uneventful.”

I pray for his speedy recovery.

Campaign donor’s cash arrived with baggage

Clinton, beaming, warmly thanked Jinnah and noted that he had been among the first well-wishers to call her husband, Bill, after his recent heart surgery.

At about the same time, the Justice Department began investigating allegations that Jinnah’s fundraising on behalf of Clinton and others was illegal. He would later be charged with violating federal law by reimbursing employees and associates for contributions made in their names to Clinton’s HillPac and the Friends of Barbara Boxer campaign. Today, having fled the country, Jinnah is on the FBI’s “featured fugitives” list.

I thought Mrs. Clinton was suppose to be extremely intelligent? Wouldn’t she be aware it was illegal to take money from foreigners? Hmmm….

Prices ignite new oil boom in Tennessee

The oil flowing from a well 1,415 feet deep promises to make this Kentucky-bred oil wildcatter a nice paycheck. When it hit last month, industry officials said it was perhaps one of the biggest oil wells in recent state history.

Cool, but can that oil be refined? Where?

Maryland Boy Hospitalized for Burns After Using Playground Equipment Doused With Drain Cleaner

A 2-year-old boy was severely burned Saturday after he went down the slide at an elementary school playground. Someone had broken into the school, stolen several bottles of industrial-strength drain cleaner and splashed it all over the playground equipment, authorities said.

I really hope they catch the SOB who thought it would be fun to destroy and endanger a children’s playground. Perhaps a little pay back would be in order? A bit of slow torture?  My prayers are with this little boy and his family.


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