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April 18, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/18/07

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2008 Candidates on Spot Over Gun-Control

Gun control has been treated with a mix of silence and discomfort in the presidential campaign, a stance that may become insupportable once the nation finds its voice in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech mass murder.

Democrats have been deliberately muted for months on an issue that, by their own reckoning, contributed to and perhaps sealed their defeat in the 2000 presidential election. That’s when Al Gore’s call for gun registration cost him votes in rural America and dulled the party’s appetite for taking on the gun lobby.

The knee jerk reaction of the emotional left has already been shouting for “gun control”. I’ll repeat the same cliche’: Guns don’t kill people….PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Perhaps if those of my generation hadn’t been so all fired up about this cause, or that, they would have been paying more attention to their kids, taught them to be responsible for their own actions, and stop blaming the rest of the world for their short comings, we wouldn’t be seeing the increase in violence these days.

Carnage leads to talk of allowing guns on campus

“I think people like the shooter (at Virginia Tech) would think twice,” said Robinette, who plans to attend law school out of state next fall.

“I don’t know if guns would have stopped him from trying, but it could have slowed him down before he executed 30 people.”

It may have not stopped all the the shootings, but I’ve no doubt that some of those kids would still be alive today if someone had been able to carry a gun on campus.

Last-Minute Payers Swamp Tax Servers

A flood of last-minute tax filers swamped the servers of Intuit Inc. on Tuesday, causing hours-long delays in getting forms sent in electronically to the government, said Harry Pforzheimer, a spokesman for the Mountain View-based company.

“We have talked to the IRS because of the amount of returns we are still filing,” Pforzheimer said. “It’s fair to say the IRS understands what the situation is.”

Oh, they might understand, but if the IRS actually cares, I’d be really surprised. What baffles me is the fact that everyone knows this is coming, yet they still wait till the last minute. Why? There’s actually plenty of time. If 3 1/2 months aren’t long enough, the someone has other issues. :/

FEMA to Take Lead Role in Coordinating Disaster Aid

The Federal Emergency Management Agency will replace the American Red Cross as the agency in charge of coordinating the provision of shelter, food and first aid to victims in disasters under an agreement disclosed by a Senate panel yesterday.

Are they bloomin’ kidding?? I just pray we don’t have any more disasters, natural or otherwise, if those yahoos are going to be in charge. Putting a government bureaucracy in charge of anything is a disaster all on it’s own!

Turkey: Three killed at Bible publishing house

Police were giving no immediate information about the attack. Dogan news agency said, however, that the three people killed had their throats slit. It said a fourth person jumped from a window to escape the attack, and was hospitalized with injuries.

I don’t think the Turks are quite a secular as they would have us believe.

HISD puts its check registries online

Houston taxpayers should have an easier time finding out where school districts spend their money now that more are posting their checkbooks online.

Not a bad idea. Perhaps Wisconsin should adopt a similar policy? 🙂

4 bombs kill 66, wound dozens in Baghdad

Four big bombs exploded across Baghdad on Wednesday, killing at least 66 people and wounding nearly 150 as violence climbed toward levels seen before the U.S.-Iraqi campaign to pacify the capital began two months ago.

To the west of the city, U.S. troops killed five suspected insurgents and captured 30 others in a raid in Anbar province, a day after police uncovered 17 decomposing corpses beneath two school yards in the provincial capital.

Perhaps the bad guys feel they have a free pass now that the Dhims have proved they are intent on doing the ‘cut and run’ dance?

Germany’s ‘Red Zora’ terrorist spared jail

A leading member of Germany’s Red Zora feminist terrorist gang that bombed sex shops and firms deemed to exploit women in the Seventies and Eighties was sentenced to a two-year suspended jail term yesterday after being on the run for 19 years.

A suspended sentence for blowing up businesses and putting people in harms way. Odd.  And more than a little disturbing.


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