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April 19, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/19/07

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Leahy to Gonzales: Quit Hiding the Truth in Attorney Firings

“I have reviewed the documents available to the Congress, and I have asked the deputy attorney general and others in the department if I should reconsider. What I have concluded is that although the process was nowhere near as rigorous or structured as it should have been, and while reasonable people might decide things differently, my decisions to ask for the resignations of these U.S. attorneys is justified and should stand,” Gonzales said in testimony originally scheduled to be given on Tuesday, but delayed two days because of the Virginia Tech shootings.

Since the Justice Dept. is a separate entity from the Congress, and it does not answer to them, but the President, I’m finding this whole business just a bit absurd. The hostility shown by the Congress tells me a great deal about them, and it ain’t good! The phrase that comes to mind is “drunk with power”.

Weapons bill OK’d by House

“These Texans have taken extraordinary steps to protect themselves and their families, and their privacy should be respected,” said Rep. Patrick Rose, D-Dripping Springs, the bill’s sponsor.

Notice a difference between Texas Dems and the rest of the country? 🙂

Man reportedly lured to home, beaten

Kenosha County sheriff’s officials are investigating a case today in which they say a man was lured to a rural Brighton home before he was attacked by multiple people, some using bats and an attack dog against him last night.

So, this is how people resolve their disagreements now?

Jordan’s king urges Israel to adopt Arab peace plan

In a meeting with Knesset Speaker and Acting President Dalia Itzik in Amman, the king urged Israel to adopt the Arab peace initiative. According to Abdullah, his meeting with Itzik was part of the peace moves led by Jordan.

Hasn’t Israel tried numerous times to find peace with the Palestinians? Haven’t the Palestinians broken that peace repeatedly? Why should Israel accept a peace that will no doubt be broken again? Just wondering.

Knut the cuddly polar bear receives death fax

The Berlin Zoo has received a fax threatening to end the life of its superstar polar bear baby Knut.

The fax, which the zoo received on Wednesday read, “Knut is dead. Thursday noon.”

They have GOT to be kidding! What kind of weirdo sends a death threat to the bloomin’ baby polar bear?

School-grounds smoking ban unlikely

Under law, smoking is prohibited on school grounds during regular school hours, but afterward, adults such as teachers are “allowed to smoke on the property surrounding the institution.”

I don’t have a problem with teachers stepping outside for a smoke after hours. I don’t even have a problem with them being able to smoke in a teacher’s lounge. Perhaps they’ll prevent a complete smoking ban in TN? 🙂

Ruling on abortion could signal move toward more limits

The Supreme Court’s decision Wednesday to let Congress ban a specific abortion method, even if many doctors consider it the safest way to end a pregnancy, appears to signal a new willingness to limit women’s access to a medical procedure that has polarized political debate for more than three decades.

Are the folks in San Fransisco completely nuts? Do they have any idea what is involved in this sort of abortion/murder?

School official surrenders on Internet luring charge

The athletic director at Grand Junction High School surrendered to police early Thursday on charges of using the Internet to suggest a sexual act with someone he thought was a teenage girl.

These types make me extremely distrustful of educators these days, and that’s not fair to the good ones out there.



  1. Never mind that, who buys a polar bear cub his own fax machine? I won’t even give my kids a cell phone until they’re thirty.

    Comment by grumps — April 20, 2007 @ 12:37

  2. LMAO You do have a point there. Shoot, if I didn’t spend so much time on the road, I wouldn’t even have a cell phone.

    Comment by olbroad — April 20, 2007 @ 9:38

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