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April 20, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/20/07

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Va. Tech Professor, Holocaust Survivor Buried in Israel

Liviu Librescu, the 76-year-old professor and Holocaust survivor who died protecting his students from the Virginia Tech gunman, was eulogized today in a cemetery surrounded by citrus groves as a quiet hero unfailingly devoted to his students and his work.

May he rest in peace!

U.S. Walls Off Baghdad Neighborhood

U.S. soldiers are building a three-mile wall to protect a Sunni Arab enclave surrounded by Shiite neighborhoods in a Baghdad area “trapped in a spiral of sectarian violence and retaliation,” the military said.

You’d think after all the hundreds of years, these people could get their sh*t together. Heaven help if they ever do though!

Sheboygan boy, 12, arrested for allegedly selling drugs at school

The boy, a student at Horace Mann Middle School, was arrested about 2:30 p.m. after a school official overheard the boy talking about methods of ingesting drugs, Lt. Steve Cobb said in the release.

Good grief! When I was twelve, the only drugs I knew about were the ones the doctors gave you for an earache, and we sure didn’t sell them to each other.

Minister’s wife may serve no more time

Mary Winkler might not have to spend another day in jail for killing her preacher husband, court officials said Thursday after a jury convicted the housewife of voluntary manslaughter.

Winkler walked out of the McNairy County Criminal Justice Center after the verdict, still free on the $750,000 bond she posted in August 2006. Sentencing is set for May 18.

You have got to be kidding! Why on earth did they even bother to have a trial?

Ghost yacht found off Australian coast

An empty yacht, its headsail shredded, has been found drifting near the Great Barrier Reef with its engines and computer running and food set out to eat on a table.

Australian rescue officials said today that they were searching an area of more than 1,000 square miles of shark-infested waters off the coast of Queensland for the missing crew, three men from Perth, but that there was no explanation for the mystery so far.


Vermont Senate: Impeach the president

Vermont senators voted Friday to call for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, saying their actions have raised “serious questions of constitutionality.”

Oh fer the love of pete! BDS is spreading.

Rights group urges Egypt to free Islamist blogger

A U.S.-based human rights group pressed Egypt on Friday to release a prominent Muslim Brotherhood activist, blogger and journalist, calling his detention a blow to free speech.

Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist type bunch?

Charges range from ripping off feds to art theft

A 64-year-old businessman has been charged with a litany of crimes, from swindling the federal government out of $1.2 million in defense contracts to stealing an oil painting.

Patrick Del Monico of Long Grove was charged with 20 counts, including mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud charges.

Now there’s a real class act for ya.


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