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April 21, 2007

I Want MY Computer

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I’m having computer attitude problems.  Yes, computers DO TO have attitudes, and no one can convince me otherwise!  That being said, no “Morning Coffee” while I’m sipping my morning coffee this morning.  Tonight, once I have arrived at the house, I’m confident this will not be a problem.  (fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes crossed, and anything else that can be crossed in a wishful manner)  Since this is Mr. Ol’ Broad’s laptop, I couldn’t swear to anything.  I don’t know his system, I don’t have everything I read bookmarked, etc. 

However, I did come across something that made me think of the major differences in our culture and that of the Middle East.  I’ve seen several polls on whether or not the media should have shown the video of that madman who murdered at VT.  Polls run by Western sites showed more than 50% do NOT think the video should have been shown.  On Al Jazeera, they too, are running a poll.  54.7 believe the video SHOULD have been shown.  I realize polls aren’t terribly accurate, and I don’t put a lot of stock in them.  This did tell me something though, about the major difference between the two.

This is going to be a fairly short driving day.  Well, it would be if I hadn’t decided to make a stop in Caruthersville, MO……just out of curiosity ya know.   It still might be a short day, depending on just how fast a slot machine will rip a few bucks out of my pocket.  🙂  Just a few Mr. Ol’ Broad!  According to Mapquest, it’s only about an hour from here, which in reality means, it’s about 2.  After that, it’s only about 3 hours, with the required stop at the grocery store, to the house.  This is going to be a much better day…. no wrecks! 


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