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April 22, 2007

Evening Snack (4/22)

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Hamas Calls For Revenge In Killing of Palestinians

Israeli soldiers killed three Palestinians in incidents Sunday in the West Bank, prompting Hamas officials to call on their movement’s military wing to respond “with all possible means of resistance.”

I honestly don’t know why anyone believes there will ever be peace in this area if the “revenge” never stops.

France Sets Up Left-Right Showdown in Runoff

The next president will either be Mr. Sarkozy, a conservative who wants the French to work more and pay fewer taxes, or Ms. Royal, a Socialist with a leftist economic program and a declared ambition to modernize her party.

This should be interesting. I guess that “leftist economic program” means that those few working will be forced to work twice as long to pay for the big chunk of those who aren’t? Hmmm….sounds like the lefties in this country, doesn’t it.

Forbidden love ends with multiple deaths in Mosul

A forbidden love affair that ended with a young woman’s death by stoning led to religiously motivated bloodshed Sunday when gunmen dragged members of a tiny religious minority off a bus and killed 21 of them, police and witnesses said.

I will never understand the Middle Eastern mind. Even though I grew up with it, they were definitely Americanized.

Panel recommends lowering GPA required to maintain lottery scholarship

A special panel has recommended dropping the minimum grade-point average college students must maintain to keep their state lottery scholarships, but the idea is drawing mixed reviews from Tennessee lawmakers.

Gov. Phil Bredesen and state lawmakers called for a review of the lottery scholarship program earlier this year after the Tennessee Higher Education Commission issued a report showing three out of four students were losing the scholarship before they graduate because of poor college grades.

The is the one of the more absurd ideas I’ve ever heard/read. The idea of giving scholarships to students is so they can get an education. Lowering the demands is pretty much defeating the purpose, isn’t it? Why expect students to even study, or attend classes? Just give them a degree in medicine, and set ’em up in practice.

Pipe bomb, grenade-like devices defused at Gwinnett jail

Explosives experts Sunday defused a pipe bomb and three grenade-like devices brought to the Gwinnett County Detention Center by the relative of a teen boy who attempted suicide.

What is going on? What on earth in a kid’s life would make him make bombs and attempt suicide?

Virginia Tech student who left campus after shootings killed in car crash

A Virginia Tech freshman who returned home with his family after last week’s campus massacre was killed in a car crash, his father said today.

Jeff Soriano died from his injuries Friday in Senatara Norfolk General Hospital after he was pulled from the wreckage of his burning vehicle, police said.

I’d chalk this up to one more death caused by the madman. The young man would probably have been at school if not for the events of last Monday.

Venezuela’s Chavez: US harboring ‘terrorist’ jet bomber

President Hugo Chavez on Sunday accused US President George W. Bush of harboring the convicted bomber of a Cuban airliner.

“I accuse the president of the United States of protecting an international terrorist,” Chavez said.

“They have freed the father of all terrorists: the terrorist Luis Posada Carriles,” Chavez said.

Posada Carriles, a former CIA agent, was released last week from a Texas jail, though Venezuela and Cuba want him extradited in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner, which crashed, killing all 73 persons aboard.

Don’t they have some sort of medication they could give this guy? Honestly, he’s as nutty as Ahmabooboo.


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