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April 25, 2007

Morning Coffee 4/25/07

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Rosie O’Donnell Leaving ‘The View’ After Contract Negotiations Fail

On the heels of her obscene comments at a recent media event, an infamous feud with Donald Trump and countless politically sensitive remarks, Rosie O’Donnell is leaving “The View” at the end of her first season on the show.

It’s about bloomin’ time! Maybe she’ll get some help for whatever it is that’s ailing her. Maybe they’ll replace her with someone with more sense….and backbone? Never watch the m’self, and she was the reason.

West Bend man charged with stealing from dad

A 20-year-old West Bend man was charged Tuesday in Sheboygan County Circuit Court with stealing $2,300 his father was saving to buy an engagement ring, according to a criminal complaint.

First, dad should take a bullwhip to the little slime ball, THEN he should be convicted. What kind of kid steals from his parents?

‘Hamas military, political wings one in the same’

“One cannot differentiate between Hamas’s military wing and Hamas’s political wing… the purpose of the group’s use of separate wings is to boast a moderate political image while playing the part of destruction,” said Defense Minister Amir Peretz.

Well DUH! This comes as a surprise?

Philadelphia protest sign at gun rally backfires

Two men stunned onlookers by raising the banner criticizing Democratic Rep. Angel Cruz, sponsor of a bill that would create a registry of gun owners and require people to pay a yearly $10 fee for each gun or face state police confiscation of their weapons. Cruz should be “hung from the tree of liberty for treasonous acts against the Constitution,” the sign read.

It’s ok to burn the President in effigy, but to remotely suggest a Dem should be called out for something? That’s a serious no no isn’t it.

Illegal migrants’ right to work wins support of public in poll

“This poll makes clear that just talking tough will not be enough to fob off the UK public on immigration,” said Habib Rahman, chief executive of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. “They want the political parties to get real and respond in a way that is workable and fair to migrants who are living as members of our society.”

Maybe the Brits should get a bit more real about who they would be allowing to work in their country. How many are actually plotting to destroy it from within? Doesn’t the word “illegal” mean anything anymore?

Eat at your own risk — U.S. safety rules weak
Unregulated imported food ingredients pose threat to humans, pets

Lost amid the anxiety surrounding the tainted U.S. pet food supply is this sobering reality: It’s not just pet owners who should be worried. The uncontrolled distribution of low-quality imported food ingredients, mainly from China, poses a grave threat to public health worldwide.

The wealthiest country on the planet, the most fertile, and we have to import foodstuffs from China? What is wrong with this picture!

Fight to ban late-night ‘Girls Gone Wild’ ads isn’t over

“There’s constitutional issues when you talk about restraint of expression,” Jackson said.

Under current Tennessee law, it’s illegal to “distribute, exhibit or display any obscene materials.” The bill would toughen that law by including any person or entity that advertises such materials.

“Obviously the product is obscene,” Jackson said. “I have no doubt that any jury in the state of Tennessee would say that it’s obscenity that’s being marketed.”

They better start looking at the sitcoms if they want to ban anything they consider obscene. Is there a network show in these days that doesn’t have women kissing women, or men kissing men, or some sexual content? Shoot, ban soap operas! The 1st Amendment protects even the offensive. That’s why we have a remote control that come with the television. We can opt out of buying products that advertise on certain shows, we can refuse to participate.  If our society hadn’t said it was “ok” for young ladies to behave in such a manner, then there wouldn’t even be those ridiculous videos to advertise on late night tv.



  1. Now that Rosie’s gone, I can’t wait to see whether or not Barbara Walters’ past defenses of her were the real deal…

    Comment by Calvin — April 25, 2007 @ 3:09

  2. I always thought Barbara Walters had more class than what she allowed on her show. I’ve no doubt she’ll survive the whole Rosie fiasco, but she has been tarnished in my book.

    Comment by olbroad — April 25, 2007 @ 6:16

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