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April 26, 2007

MT State House Turns “Blue”

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Cursing up a storm

HELENA – The House Republican majority leader, Michael Lange, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at Gov. Brian Schweitzer Wednesday, saying the Democratic governor ”can go straight to hell.”

Lange, of Billings, exploded during a meeting of House Republicans Wednesday morning and repeatedly attacked Schweitzer, who was not present.

The GOP leader called Schweitzer an ”S.O.B. on the second floor that thinks he’s going to run this state like a dictator.”

He later apologized to fellow House members on the floor.

At least he did apologize. I’m curious. Has any Dhimmi bothered to apologized when they said something so offensive? I can’t think of any lately.

Rep. Bill Wilson, D-Great Falls, then rose on a ”point of personal privilege” to respond, saying he had never heard anything as ”vile and as insulting as I heard today.”

I guess he didn’t watch the news today, or yesterday, or last week. Members of his party have been spouting vile and insulting things a LOT lately.

At one point, Lange accused Democrats of negotiating like ”radical socialists” like those in the Soviet Union, North Korea and ”Red China.” They won’t compromise or capitulate, he said.

Dang! It’s an epidemic!

The House Republican leader said doesn’t care if Schweitzer arranges for every one of his bills to be killed.

”He can take every bill and I don’t give a s…,” he told fellow Republicans and an audience that included a half-dozen high school students serving as House pages. ”Every bill. But I will not be intimidated on your behalf. I will not be offered a bribe to turn you loose to go screw the state of Montana on any bill.”

Ooops! He pulled a Rosie! Not good!

”I used language that was inappropriate for this body and for this Legislature,” he said.

”I certainly meant no offense,” Lange added, ”My frustration got the better of me.”

Wilson, who rarely speaks on the House floor and isn’t running again, took particular offense at Lange’s comparing Democrats to communists and socialists.

”Communists?” Wilson said. ”My father landed in Normandy. To group me in with a group like that is about as offensive as anything I can imagine.”

Democrats from the WWII generation are spinning at what that party has become. Of course, that’s NO excuse for what the head Republican did on the floor.

Asked if he intended to apologize to Schweitzer, Lange told reporters later, ”I respect the office of the governor. I’m not apologizing to him. As far as my frustration level with him and his tactics, I make no apologies to him.”

He probably should. Why lower himself to the Dhimmis level?


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