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April 27, 2007

3/4 of a Happy Dance!

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I’m a much happy camper now!  🙂  I have satellite internet!  Yeah me!  Unfortunately, they don’t give ya the wireless thingy, so I have to go buy one if I want to sit in the living room watching the idjit box and peruse the internet.  Not a problem.  I also have Directv set up in the office, with the teeny weeny tv (hey, it’s close enough I can actually SEE it).  And using one of the kitchen chairs works right well.  Now, all I need is a foot stool to prop my feet up, and I’ll be in hawg heaven.  🙂

The installer apologized repeatedly for being so late.  Seems there are bigger privacy nuts than Mr. Ol’ Broad and m’self.  Evidently, the guy he was setting up before he got over here was a major pain in the hinder.  I did manage to get a couch ordered, so the day wasn’t a complete loss.  I just wasn’t able to pick up the Mr.’s phone.  There’s always tomorrow I guess.  Kind of messes up my plans to go to Cookeville, but it might be pouring down rain, so we shall see.


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