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April 27, 2007

Mom & Dad Illegal

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Ban on ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ considered – again
California agenda would require K-12 ‘gay’ indoctrination

A plan that has been launched in the California state Assembly – again – could be used to ban references to “mom” and “dad” in public schools statewide by prohibiting anything that would “reflect adversely” on the homosexual lifestyle choice.

It’s similar to a plan WND reported was approved by lawmakers last year, but fell by the wayside when Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed it.

“SB 777 forcibly thrusts young school children into dealing with sexual issues, requiring that homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality be taught in a favorable light,” according to an alert issued by the Capitol Resource Institute.

“Not only does SB 777 require that classroom instruction and materials promote and embrace controversial sexual practices, it also bans school-sponsored activities from ‘reflecting adversely’ on homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals,” the group said.

Do these people fear a Greater Law so much that they are trying to eliminate it in all aspects of life? This sort of legislation does nothing more than promote an agenda that the majority of people do not follow, or agree.

“Pushing this radical homosexual agenda in California schools will stifle the truth in favor of political correctness and will inevitably conflict with the religious and moral convictions of both students and parents,” said CRI Executive Director Karen England. “The full ramifications of this sweeping legislation could affect the entire nation as most textbook companies tailor their material to their number one purchaser: California.”She noted that Los Angeles schools already have implemented most of the proposals now pending for districts across the state, and among the changes are:

* “Mom” and “dad” and “husband” and “wife” would have to be edited from all texts.

* Cheerleading and sports teams would have to be gender-neutral.

* Prom kings and queens would be banned, or if featured, would have to be gender neutral so that the king could be female and the queen male.

* Gender-neutral bathrooms could be required for those confused about their gender identity.

* A male who believes he really is female would be allowed into the women’s restroom, and a woman believing herself a male would be allowed into a men’s room.

* Even scientific information, such has statistics showing AIDS rates in the homosexual community, could be banned.

The continuous assault of the left against families and traditional values has gotten downright hazardous.

“It’s embarrassing that we’ve got kids who can’t pass their exit exams, but we add all sorts of complications [to school],” she told WND.

She cited an informational document published by the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and the Transgender Law Center.

“If you want to use a restroom that matches your gender identity … you should be allowed to do so,” it advises. “Whenever students are divided up into boys and girls, you should be allowed to join the group or participate in the program that matches your gender identity as much as possible.”

Further, the groups advise, “If you change your name to one that better matches your gender identity, a school needs to use that name to refer to you.”

I call BULLSH*T! The priority of a school is to teach our kids how to read, write, add, subtract (preferably in English). Kids need to know how to find their own country, or state on a map. They need to learn REAL history, not the made up stuff they are attempting to teach. How many girls want to use a restroom with a guy in the next stall? What if a kid doesn’t like the name his or her name, even if they aren’t gay? Can they change it from Jack to Jason? Would the school be required to call them Heather even if their legal name was Gertrude?

One of last year’s plans would have required the State Board of Education to increase sensitivity to so-called “discrimination.” Under the plan the state Superintendent of Public Instruction would have had unlimited discretion to withhold state funds from schools that did not comply with that individual’s interpretation of the law.

A second would have “integrated tolerance training” into history and social science curriculum and started a pilot program that would have forced students to learn a “new definition” of tolerance, one that would require them to not only accept but advocate for homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism, according to the CRI.

The third would have banned anything that “reflected adversely” on homosexuals, bisexuals or transgenders.

Former Assemblyman Larry Bowler, R-Elk Grove, described them as no more or less than “indoctrination, designed to inculcate our children and our grandchildren.”

Enough is enough! Children should be taught manners, they aren’t. Children should be taught respect for their elders, they aren’t. Children should be taught to respect other people’s property, they aren’t. Children should be taught to accept those who are different, not to bully other kids if they are different, they aren’t. How about withholding public funds from schools if a substantial number of kids can’t read or write proficiently? Not because the school isn’t patting little Johnny on the head saying it’s ok to be Jane?



  1. Well, few hate to admit that alot
    of “1984” is coming to pass, but more recognizable to Americans is the prognosis Gary Allen delivered
    in his undervalued and overlionised
    ‘None Dare Call It Treason.’ The
    main problem with America is but the quality of our ‘Americanism.’

    Comment by kyse faril — May 2, 2007 @ 9:45

  2. This makes me sick! Since when are the words “Mom and Dad” or, “husband and wife” homophobic? These words were okay to use until now. What’s next? Are we not going to be allowed to describe people as “he” or “she” because they discriminate against transgendered people? This is absurd! My Mom and Dad are my Mom and Dad, and they always will be. I will not call them anything else but that. I have been calling them Mom and Dad since I was a little girl, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life. (Actually, when I was a little girl I called them Mama and Daddy. Then when I became a teenager, I started calling them Mom and Dad because it sounded more grown up.)

    I will not let anyone tell me that I can’t say “Mom and Dad” or, “husbabd and wife.” The homosexual agenda has taken away our rights as Americans! We all have to stand up for what we believe in. We should not—repeat—NOT allow ourselves to be censored like this! Saying words like “Mom and Dad” or “husband and wife” is anything but offensive and we must make our voices heard on this matter. If we have to march on Washington, or sign petitions, or lobby important people in order to change things for the better, by all means, let’s do it! We must not put up with this absurdity any longer than we have to!

    Comment by Anonymous — October 15, 2007 @ 5:51

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