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April 29, 2007

The Slaughter of Innocents

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S.C. a leader in restricting access to abortions

South Carolina is one of the most difficult places in the United States to get an abortion, abortion rights advocates say.

Over the past two decades, a host of legislative restrictions — mandatory waiting periods, requiring “informed consent” information and regulations on abortion clinics — have jelled to limit access to abortions.

Shouldn’t women who are considering an abortion have ALL the information they can get?

The impact of the laws is evident in:

• The decline of S.C. abortion clinics to three from 14 in 1996

• The drop in S.C. doctors who perform abortions. South Carolina is the only state in the nation that has a law that defines a fetus as a person. Abortion rights advocates say that law could expose doctors who perform abortions to criminal prosecution.

• Two-thirds of the state’s reproductive-age women live in counties where no doctors perform abortions.

• A slight increase in the number of S.C. women going to other states to get abortions

As a result, abortions in South Carolina have dropped 53 percent since 1988.

This is a good thing! How many women decided against an abortion instead of going out of state?

“I would say (the anti-abortion strategy) has worked,” said Rauch Wise, a Greenwood attorney and abortion rights backer.

Wise defended a Greenville woman who took drugs while pregnant in a high-profile 1992 case. That case led to the state Supreme Court’s landmark 3-2 ruling that a viable fetus is a “person” and, therefore, protected by the state’s child-abuse laws.
South Carolina’s high court, which took 29 months to deliberate the case, is the only one nationwide to uphold such a law. Other states passed identical laws that have been struck down.

Perhaps S.C. sees a value in all life?

1 : capable of living; especially : having attained such form and development as to be normally capable of surviving outside the mother’s womb
2 : capable of growing or developing
3 a : capable of working, functioning, or developing adequately b : capable of existence and development as an independent unit 

c (1) : having a reasonable chance of succeeding (2) : financially sustainable

Sure sounds like an unborn child to me. Except for the ‘financially sustainable’ part, anyone with kids knows they aren’t cheap.

Anti-abortion supporters say a woman is 80 percent more likely to change her mind about an abortion if she has information that causes her to reflect on the procedure ahead of time.

The more information a person has, the better informed decision can be made. Why do the pro-abortion bunch prefer a lack of information? Perhaps because the killing of babies has become such a big business? The abortion mills give a lot of money to promote their agenda. And I hate to say it, but Hitler ain’t got nuthin’ on those folks when it comes to murdering. 12 million human beings during the Nazi’s reign. More than 40 million babies since Roe v Wade.



  1. You went Gidwin in 0… Damn, nobody can top that!

    Seriously though, is it any wonder that Pro-Choice has any support at all? Mostly when a conversation arises on this subject (which I try diligently to avoid at all costs) by the end the vast majority of the detractors agree with a pro-life stance. At least that’s my experience in real life. However the media and the left would have you believe that the pro-life crowd is not only the majority, but that they are correct as well.

    Comment by Stew — April 29, 2007 @ 4:18

  2. “Hitler ain’t got nuthin’ on those folks when it comes to murdering.”

    Doesn’t matter; you’re not supposed to EVER point out that fact, because doing so is “mean.”

    Killing the innocent? “Hunky-dory.”
    Ugly-yet-accurate historical comparison? “HOW DARE YOU!”

    Comment by Calvin — April 29, 2007 @ 4:42

  3. Well Cal, you know me…. I have a bad attitude! LOL But you’re right. Stating the obvious kind of throws them off their game. :/

    Comment by olbroad — April 29, 2007 @ 6:59

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