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May 2, 2007

Morning Coffee 5/2/07

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Syrians bolstered by visit of ‘good American’ Pelosi

“Nancy Pelosi is good, yes?” asked a Damascus laborer who found himself sitting next to an American at a greasy gyro stand this week. “Nancy Pelosi, good American.” Pictures of Mrs. Pelosi and Syrian President Bashar Assad — officially Syria’s most popular citizen — still turn up on the local news channels, especially during coverage of the dispute between President Bush and Congress over the Iraq war spending bill.

If that’s what they consider a “good American”, we are truly in major trouble!

House approves bill requiring state to verify voters’ citizenship

The state would set up a system to check the citizenship of registered voters under legislation endorsed by the House late Tuesday.

A bill by Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, charges the secretary of state with verifying, through database checks, the citizenship of anyone who registers to vote, starting in September.

I would have thought it was a requirement in EVERY state to prove you are legal to vote. Oh yeah, forgot about Wisconsin. My bad. At least Texas is taking that much needed step. Perhaps other states will follow suit?

No-helmet bill wins key vote

Tennessee motorcyclists rolled closer to feeling the breeze blowing through their hair Tuesday when a key legislative committee narrowly passed a bill that would allow them to ride without helmets.

As a former motorcycle owner, I understand the desire NOT to wear a helmet. Sometimes, ya just can’t see with the dadburn things. On the other hand, cars tend to ignore you, and THAT can be extremely dangerous. I’m divided on that law.

Iranian President accused of indecency

The President of Iran has been accused of indecency after he publicly kissed an elderly woman who used to be his school teacher.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was photographed and filmed by state media stooping to kiss the woman’s hand and then clasping her arms in an embrace, at a ceremony yesterday in honour of Iranian teachers’ day.


Police to Review Clash at May Day Rally

A day of mostly calm immigration rallies around the nation ended with a clash in Los Angeles where officers fired rubber bullets and used batons against demonstrators. Police promised to review the use of force.
The clash at MacArthur Park started after 6 p.m. when police tried to disperse demonstrators who had moved off the sidewalk onto the street. Authorities said several people of the few thousand still at the rally threw rocks and bottles at officers, who fired rubber bullets and used batons to push the crowd back onto the sidewalk.

Not a good idea to throw stuff at the cops. They don’t like it!

Kent State Tape Reveals Orders to Fire

A static-filled recording of war protesters yelling, followed by a voice and gunfire, was released Tuesday by a Kent State University shooting survivor who claims the tape proves a military order was given to fire on demonstrators.

“The evidence speaks for itself,” said Alan Canfora, 58, one of nine students wounded during the National Guard shooting.

And it takes 37 years for this to come out? I would seriously question the authenticity.

Feds bust veteran wearing military medals he didn’t earn

A Queens, N.Y., man accused of impersonating a decorated Green Beret officer faces up to a year in prison after the feds busted him for wearing military medals he hadn’t earned — including a Purple Heart and Silver Star, The New York Post reported Tuesday.

The paper wrote that in order to dupe at least one military contractor into hiring him, Louis Lowell McGuinn, 63, masqueraded as a lieutenant colonel but was actually discharged as an Army private in 1968 after serving in Vietnam, prosecutors said Monday.

That kind of person just makes my stomach turn. Claiming honors that are not yours to claim is very low. Claiming them to further a career? Well, that’s getting into the serious pond scum realm.

Edwards met with raucous applause at Seattle stop

The former vice presidential nominee told about 800 union members that if Bush vetoes Democrats’ effort to force him to withdraw U.S. combat troops from Iraq — as the president, as expected, did two hours later — “here’s what the Congress should do:

“If they’ve got the votes, they should override the veto. If they don’t, they ought to do another bill funding the troops with a timetable for withdrawal and send it back. And if he vetoes that one, they ought to do it again. We have to stand our ground.

For one thing Johnny boy, they DON’T have the votes. For another, I AM questioning your patriotism. Anyone who prefers defeat for this nation has NO business in the White House!



  1. Morning Coffee 5/2/07

    Trackback by University Update — May 2, 2007 @ 11:06

  2. Ahh, but we won the war. I saw it on TV. Now all we need to do is end the occupation.

    Comment by grumps — May 2, 2007 @ 1:55

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