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May 6, 2007

What’s a Meme?

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For some reason, Mr. Stew was stewed this morning. He tells me I’ve been tagged and am suppose to answer some questions. Isn’t it too early to actually start thinking? Well, I’ll give it my best shot.

A) Attached or single? I’ve been married to the most wonderful man on the planet for almost 7 years. There are many reasons why he’s so terrific, but I would say putting up with me is up near the top of the list.

B) Best friend. That would probably be Mr. Ol’ Broad. Rosemary and Sue would be in that category as well though. I don’t really get that close to people, due to an incident I won’t go into right now. Let’s just say, I don’t trust real easily.

C) Cake or pie? Depends. I’m partial to pumpkin pie, the way my mom always made it, but of course, no one is EVER going to be as good at baking pies as a Mom.

D) Drink of choice? I’d have to say Ozarka bottled water. If I have to choose one of the alcoholic variety, that would be something called a Chitzen Itza I had at a place down in Mexico. I have no idea what was in it, other than rum of course. I don’t drink, and we don’t live in Mexico, so it’s fairly irrelevant.

E) Essential items. Jasper, the well traveled bear.

F) Favorite color. Red. Purple. Red. Purple. Shoot.

G) Gummi bear or worms. How ’bout neither? Give me chocolate!

H) Hometown. Why, Dallas of course. Is there anywhere else?

I) Indulgence. Too many to list. Chocolate, massages, pedicure, manicure, facials, travel. Ah hell, I’m spoiled rotten.

J) January or February. Definitely February. It’s closer to spring.

K) Kids. One. It’s not true you forget that pain, cuz the pain gets bigger, and turns into a teenager, reminding you on a daily basis what a real pain can be.

L) Life is incomplete without…… love. Awwwww….isn’t that sweet. Yeah yeah. HUSH!

M) Marriage date. Huh? The date we got married? 23 September. Otherwise, I didn’t take one, as stew tried to.

N) Number of siblings. 2 older sisters, one a lib, the other a conspiracy nut, but I love them both dearly. One younger brother who is almost normal and a scratch golfer. On the biological side (I was adopted), there are 5, 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Only met two of them though.

O) Oranges or apples? Grapes. Bananas.

P) Phobias/fears. Spiders. I do not like spiders. Or snakes. Or scorpions. Anything with more than four legs, or none at all.

Q) Favorite quote. “A liberal is man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.” – Robert Lee Frost

R) Reasons to smile. I have to have a reason? I just do it! I’m a happy person, and I’ve got the wrinkles to prove it.

S) Spring or summer. Spring….in the south! Wisconsin’s spring usually doesn’t show up till summer, so it doesn’t really count as spring.

T) Tag Three? Ok, who would I make think this hard? I’ll have to get back to ya on that one.

U) Unknown fact about me. If I told ya, wouldn’t I have to kill ya? Ok, I’m short. And fat.

V) Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? Whack that cow and gimme my steak!

W) Worst habit. Scratching my a$$ in public? Naw. I don’t do that too often. Ok, smoking. I admit it. Smoking is bad for me. Now leave me alone!

X) X-rays or Ultrasounds? Where’s my tinfoil hat?

Y) Your favorite foods? Lebanese.

Z) Zodiac. Scorpio. One hundred percent….Scorpio. Don’t mess with me. I have attitude.


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