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May 7, 2007


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Professor on Brink of Being Fired for E-Mailing George Washington’s Thanksgiving Address

The Maricopa County Community College District (MCCCD) has placed a professor on forced administrative leave and has recommended that he be terminated for e-mailing a Thanksgiving message to his colleagues last November. On the day before Thanksgiving, Professor Walter Kehowski sent out the text of George Washington’s “Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of 1789” and a link to the webpage where he’d found it—on Pat Buchanan’s web log. After several recipients complained of being offended by the e-mail, MCCCD found Kehowski guilty of violating the district’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policy and technology usage standards. Kehowski then contacted the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) for help.

“It simply boggles the mind that a professor could find himself facing termination simply for e-mailing the Thanksgiving address of our first president,” FIRE President Greg Lukianoff said. “This situation is an embarrassment to MCCCD and would be laughable if a professor’s most basic rights and very livelihood weren’t on the line.”

Offended by George Washington’s ‘Proclamation’? Then I suggest they find a different line of work. These are suppose to be educators, not whining wieners.

On November 22, 2006, tenured mathematics professor Walter Kehowski at Glendale Community College—part of the MCCCD system—sent an e-mail containing Washington’s “Thanksgiving Day Proclamation of 1789” to all MCCCD employees using a district-wide listserv designated for “announcements.” Within weeks, five MCCCD employees filed harassment charges against Kehowski, claiming his message was “hostile” and “derogatory” because it contained a link to Buchanan’s website, where the conservative Buchanan had also posted his criticisms of immigration policies.

Letting people know where you got something is just a common courtesy in emails. What is their problem?

FIRE wrote to Chancellor Glasper on April 25 to protest the actions against Kehowski, stressing that e-mailing a proclamation from George Washington or including a link to Pat Buchanan’s website does not constitute punishable harassment. FIRE reminded Glasper that the U.S. Supreme Court has held that for workplace expression to be considered “harassment,” it must be “severe or pervasive enough to create an objectively hostile or abusive work environment.” Sending a link to a website, which readers can either visit or simply ignore, does not fit this exacting standard. FIRE further wrote that even if the Thanksgiving e-mail was unsolicited, numerous other employees had sent unsolicited, non-work-related announcements over the same listserv. Chancellor Glasper responded with a letter on April 30, but failed to address any of FIRE’s concerns.

I’m not surprised the chancellor didn’t address the problem. As Bill O’Reilly would call it….”hiding under his desk”.

“It is dark day for free speech and common sense in Arizona. If the MCCCD believes at all in the importance of the right to free expression, or even just in basic fairness, it will undo its illiberal actions and exonerate Professor Kehowski immediately,” Lukianoff said.

Oh yeah! Common sense has definitely flown out the window in Maricopa County’s community colleges.

H/T: of Bullets and Bibles



  1. We are trying to get as far away as possible, from anything good, particularly if the God of the bible is mentioned.

    I checked the GCC student newspaper, nothing there on this yet…

    Thanks for the hat tip!

    Comment by JR — May 8, 2007 @ 5:46

  2. If the student paper has faculty advisers, I’d say, odds are, ya aren’t going to see it until it makes PMSNBC or some such outlet.

    And, yer welcome. 🙂

    Comment by olbroad — May 8, 2007 @ 8:46


    I just heard a reporter on the radio condemning Governor Palin for indulging in dirty politics. To bring out background information on a man we are considering as our next President and Commander-in Chief which exposes him as having a background of befriending and working with a convicted terrorist, of sitting in a church for some twenty years listening to a pastor who expressed open hatred of America, of Jews, of white people and of blacks who may not agree with him was the duty of Governor Palin.

    The truth was hidden from us by our liberal biased media. The Republican Party should have exposed this truth long ago. The truth, more than I just mentioned, has been out there on the internet and on conservative radio talk show for a long time, but our liberal media is not interested in the truth.

    It is an absolute insult and affront to every American who has died since 1779 to bring freedom to this corner of the world, especially those who have died recently to preserve freedom for us and the West, that the Democrat Party had the temerity, the gall to present to the American public a candidate with such a suspect and shady background! They are no different than the Vichy French collaborationists with the Nazis.

    Once this election is decided, I intend to urge the American public to prepare for a New American Revolution – using ballots, not bullets – to throw out political parties because they are only interested in political power for themselves so that they may serve the interests of special interests whose money put them into power. We will demand Government of the People, by the People and for the People.

    As far as this election is concerned, I hope my readers will conclude as I have that it is better to stay with the evil we know than fly to another we know not of. I must vote for John McCain even though I detest the Republican Party because they are in the pockets of the Religious Right, the national and international military industrial complex and the oligarchy consisting of the big national and international corporations.

    Of course, my readers have the right to vote for Barak Hussein Obama which is the poster board child of our twisted and biased liberal media, but do not be overly surprised if this will be our last election. Just remember that this crowd was in support of Fidel Castro whom the liberal media labeled as an agrarian reformer rather than admit he was a communist.
    By Dr. Knowname, author of UNTROUBLING A TROUBLED WORLD

    SUGGESTION: In the address line on your computer, type in OBAMA ASSOCIATES AND SUPPORTERS. This will open your eyes before it is too late.

    The above is by the author of the soon to be published book
    The author, Dr. Knowname, must use a pseudonym as the last author to write such a book had a fatwa issued against him, an order to all Muslims to kill him on sight. Lovely chaps! Initially he was determined to contribute at least 85% of proceeds from his royalties to a
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    The book explains how the patient can control his own health care, choose his doctor, PAY LESS and receive first class medical care.

    It lays out a clear path for establishing and maintaining WORLD PEACE and how to make it impossible for individuals or corporations from adding to their wealth as a result of war.

    The author explains succinctly how our country, Russia and any other nation can have a Government of the People, by the People and for the People and have a capitalist, free enterprise system free of corruption that can benefit the masses.

    There is also a chapter in this book on how to END ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION in a humane way. It also explains the serious impact and burden on our medical care across the country and covers just about any controversial problem you can think of and offers sound solutions. In his spare time he is working toward doing away with the combustion engine and replacing it with electric cars.

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    Thank you.

    This will be your good deed for the day!

    Comment by Jack Morris — October 6, 2008 @ 7:49

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