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May 11, 2007


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Yes. Once again, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, from the “Land of Oz”, we have another ‘oblivoramus’. This would be a combination of oblivious and ignoramus.

Let’s try educating ‘terrorists’

I heard Newt Gingrich say, on “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, that “…we’re up against a savagery and a ferocity that we don’t understand…” and I wanted to say, stop right there. Don’t speak for me. Don’t think you speak for all of us. We don’t understand? You don’t understand.

I wasn’t aware that Newt, or anyone else for that matter, at least on the right, claims to speak for anyone else. Those on the left seem to have that claim to fame (“doing the will of the people” sort of thing we’ve heard from Queen Nan, who is NOT doing my will).

They have little to live for in this world, especially when what they have in this world is compared to what they shall have in the next world if they just… what? Serve Allah? Kill the infidels? Die for the cause? Not so hard to understand, is it?

Little to live for, eh? How about life? How about their kids? And yeah, it is hard to understand why anyone would find joy in killing themselves, their children, and anyone close by.

Religion can be an extremely powerful tool, probably the most effective tactic used historically to influence large numbers of people. Declaring war against them, if we could even pin down who “they” are, is pointless, homicidal, suicidal and completely wrong.

Mr. Mack, these people want to cut your head off. Even if you don’t find this offensive, I do!

So how should we respond? They do, after all, want to “kill us all” (some few of them anyway) and while they’ll never be able to, I don’t think we should just sit on our hands and let them blow up buildings and airplanes either.

Some few of them. Hmmmm…. Sir, what planet have you been on since 1979? Do you bother to do any reading on exactly what these ‘some few’ have in mind?

What should we do? Well, lots of things that are both proactive and reactive but mostly, how about we educate them?

Educate them to the fact that they are being deluded. That murderers of innocents don’t go straight to paradise. That asking questions is not a bad thing and that blind obedience to anyone or any group is.

Let’s all sit around the big bonfire and sing Kumbaya. While those ‘some few’ are tossing your happy ass into the bonfire, or whacking your head off, the rest of us will pull out the metallic defensive items that go boom, and blow them away.

This is the problem with religion. I’ll let you have theism, I’ll let you have trying to live by so-called Christian values, or Hindu or Buddhist or Taoist or Jewish or even Muslim (the real Muslims) values, but the idea of organized religion has to go if we’re ever going to get anywhere. It vests too much power in all the wrong places, namely flawed humans and the old “scriptures.”

I’ll grant you one point. Humans are flawed. I’ve done a bit of reading into many different religions and the only one that advocates for the slaughter of innocents, at least in the way it’s being interpreted, is Islam. Now tell me, who should you worry about more? The Evangelicals, or someone who wants to whack your head off.

We can also attempt to educate them to the fact that we’re not all like George Bush (or Newt). And we could start setting a better example of how a Democratic Republic functions, and maybe instead of wanting to kill us they’d want to be like us. Maybe.

I’m not a Bush ra ra cheerleader (although I put more faith in him keeping our nation safe than I do that bunch in charge of Congress right now), but I’m getting pretty tired of the oblivoramous’ constant BDS, as should any thinking person. Mr. Mack, if you don’t believe we should defend our nation against radical Islamists, that is your right. But please, do not for one minute, think the rest of us would prefer to bow towards Mecca five times a day. This is what YOUR lack of backbone would bring us.


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