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May 13, 2007

Illegal Aliens Lose

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FB immigration law wins easily

Farmers Branch voters’ overwhelming embrace of a law to drive out illegal immigrants – which backers celebrated Saturday as “nothing but positive” – may lead to similar measures across North Texas and the nation, analysts say.

The people of Farmers Branch, Texas have spoken.

The nation’s first vote on an ordinance targeting illegal immigrants by barring them from renting apartments highlighted a resentment of the federal government’s failure to secure the nation’s borders – and a desire to do something about it at the local level, said City Council member Tim O’Hare, who was the driving force behind the ordinance.

I’m fairly sure if they held a similar vote in other cities and town, across the nation, odds are, the results would be pretty much the same. People are just flat out tired of their ‘home’ being overrun by people who have no respect for our laws.

Opponents of the ordinance said they will try to stop the ordinance in the courts, and despite their defeat, they say they will have an impact on the city in the future.

Typical. If you don’t like the majority rule, sue. If these pro illegals really want to make good use of the courts, how about making sure those breaking the law pay for their crimes; help those who honestly want to come here to make a good life for themselves and their families. Do NOT use up valuable court time fighting the American people.

“Regardless of the results, this is only the beginning,” said Ana Reyes. “The community outreach we’re doing is going to empower the Hispanic community [to become citizens]. I want them to feel a sense of involvement in the city.”

Peachy. Make sure they have all the paperwork they need to have filled out to apply for residency, help them pay the fines that should be imposed for breaking the law, and make sure they make it home safely. YOU pay for their fare back home, so they can get the ball rolling.

Matthew Wilson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University, said the implications of the Farmers Branch election may be felt more in cities elsewhere.

“Farmers Branch is a closed-in suburb of a major American city,” Mr. Wilson said. “This is not some sort of remote, rural outpost. Farmers Branch is a pretty mainstream place, and if there is this level of anger about the immigration situation there, then what that suggests is there’s probably a lot more of this kind of anger around the country.”

Gee. Ya think? I sure hope those yahoos in D.C. are paying attention. Build the fence. Use the National Guard that isn’t deployed to war zones, that’s what they’re for ya know… protect our country from foreign invaders.

And look for more anti-illegal-immigrant measures in Farmers Branch with the election Saturday of two new pro-ordinance council members, David Koch and Tim Scott. The City Council now has a solid majority committed to more ordinances targeting illegal immigrants. Both Mr. Koch and Mr. Scott have said they favor expanding the ban on renting apartments to illegal immigrants to all rental properties in the city and cracking down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

The battle to retake their city should be interesting.

But with two lawsuits pending against the city, it could be years before the ordinance takes effect. Attorneys in those lawsuits are expected to immediately file requests from the courts for injunctions to stop the city from implementing the law on May 22, as planned.

Any judge with a backbone will toss out those lawsuits. Since when do illegals get to tell the American people how to run their own country?

Illegal immigration “is still a very live issue, but my sense is it doesn’t have the forward momentum it had in the latter half of 2006, because it was then a signature issue of the Republican Party,” Cal Jillson, also a political science professor at SMU, said last week.

Ol’ Cal might be really surprised to find out it’s STILL a big issue. A little incident last week at Fort Dix made sure it’s still in the forefront.

The fiery debate drew charges of racism and accusations of voter intimidation and dissemination of wrong or misleading information on both sides both since last fall. Mayor Bob Phelps’ house was vandalized twice, including once last week immediately after he announced his opposition to the ordinance.

This has nothing to do with race. A good majority of American citizens are mixed in their ethnicity. This is about the law. This is about immigrants assimilating to their adopted country, learning the language, not demanding the country change to suit them. If these illegals want thing done the way they did ‘back home’, then by George, go the hell back home!


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