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May 13, 2007

Morning Coffee 5/13/07

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al-Qaida Says It Has Missing U.S. Troops

The Islamic State in Iraq, an al-Qaida front group, said it had captured several soldiers in the attack, but offered no proof to back up its claim, posted on an Islamic Web site.

The search for the missing Americans began after insurgents attacked a patrol of seven U.S. soldiers and an Iraqi interpreter before dawn Saturday near Mahmoudiya.

I thought we weren’t fighting al Qaeda in Iraq. Hmmm…. I pray the soldiers will be found, reasonably safe and sound.

Background check rules urged for state jobs

State officials are trying to come up with a universal policy on criminal background checks for current and future workers – and the emotional issue is giving union leaders and some state workers nightmares.

Why would any union oppose criminal background checks? You’d think it would be in their best interest NOT to have criminals in their midst.

$17 million in death benefits wasn’t paid to families

For his loss, Smith got $6,000 to bury his son. But Smith was told that the workers’ comp death benefit — $100,500 — would not be paid to grieving family members because his oldest child, Donald W. Smith, a student at Sam Houston State University, had no wife or children.

That is SO wrong. Just because he didn’t have a wife and kids, his family shouldn’t get the money? Seems odd, and very wrong. This needs to be fixed.

Waupun auto business offers neighborhood electric vehicles

Lawrie will be selling NEVs manufactured by the Columbia ParCar Corporation, one of two companies in the United States that manufacture the electric vehicles. The Wisconsin-based company has been producing several lines of NEVs since 1999.

I suggested doing this several years ago. No one ever listens to me. :/ Now, are they going to have special parking places for these golf carts?

Travolta’s attack on BBC man in Scientology expose

John Travolta has launched a bitter attack on a veteran BBC reporter over a Panorama film that exposes the methods used by Scientology and questions whether it is a “brainwashing cult”.

L. Ron Hubbard won a bet. He made up a “religion”. Now the Hollyweird crowd devours it like caviar. Sounds like a brainwashed cult to me.

Gore to kick off renewed publicity blitz this month

The new book is described by publisher Penguin Press as an analysis of the current “politics of fear, secrecy, cronyism and blind faith.” In the book Gore takes aim at the administration of President Bush, to whom he lost the 2000 presidential election despite winning the popular vote.

He just can’t get over the fact he loss. It also seems he can’t stand to be out of the spotlight. No doubt this book is as full of moonbattery as the previous offerings from algore.

Top Taliban Commander Is Killed in Clash

The commander was killed in a joint operation by Afghan security forces, US coalition, and NATO troops in the next door province of Helmand, Asadullah Khaled, the governor of Kandahar said. News agencies reported that he was killed in an operation in Nahri Sarraj district, a strategic area of Helmand province that the Afghan intelligence service reported Saturday had been cleared of Taliban after an operation this week. A statement released by NATO confirmed his death.

One of those who has a special place in hell, I hope.

Former aid to GOP congressman charged with vote fraud

A worker in the 2004 election campaign of Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., has been charged with election fraud, a charge McHenry said was politically motivated.

If this guy really is guilty, then the book should be thrown at him. If not, then I’d delve into the motive for the charges, and those bringing them. No one, of either party should be above the law.



  1. Morning Coffee 5/13/07

    Trackback by University Update — May 13, 2007 @ 11:11

  2. mullah cimoc say him warning ameriki people in 2003 when bush the invading iraq.

    mullah cimoc then tell all ameriki saying please to reading the books of him chairman mao tse tung on guerilla warfare strategies and tactical.

    mullah cimoc say in 2003 him insurgent running the enrage the bear tactical.

    bear so ferocious, but running to and fro and the lunging to and fro, finally getting tired and the weaker and finally after the tormenting after the exhaustion him wanting to be killed just for ending the suffering.

    this usa now in iraq. so the weaken, now the guerilla more aggressive but still the so careful. the bear still roar but hearing now the weakness.

    in this time now all muslim knowing that in new iraq only him who killing so many ameriki soldier having the status and the power.

    the collaborator him to die and all the family too, unless so torture by ameriki.

    only one kind of the voting to count in new iraq. this ballot him calling the body bag containing the ameirki soldier ballot. if not have the this ballot, not having him vote.

    this new man in new iraq him true warrior face every day adversity. him only man with political power in new iraq.

    for this reason now the killing for starting so much against ameriki soldier. the wife telling the husband, “Omar, you needing for killing three ameriki now so our children him going the college and have good job in new iraq”. Also, “you not my husband if not killing ameriki soldier.”

    this new kind of gold rush, but this rush him calling this the rush for kill ameriki soldier.

    Comment by Mullah Cimoc — May 13, 2007 @ 11:21

  3. You’re babbling again. But, what I can glean out of your rant, you want to kill Americans. Yeah, I get that. You’re not telling me anything I didn’t already know…. lunatics want to kill. It doesn’t matter that it’s illogical.

    Comment by olbroad — May 14, 2007 @ 9:58

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