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May 13, 2007

On This Day in History…..

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May 13:

“The thirteenth day, we came to our seating place in Paspihas Countrey, some eight miles from the point of Land, which I made mention before: where our shippes doe lie so neere the shoare that they are moored to the Trees in six fathom water.” George Percy

The first field trip I took in elementary school was to Jamestown.  We all pilled on the bus and made the half hour drive to a place they thought was the original site of the colony.  It turns out they were off by a few miles, but that’s ok.  I had visited the site with my family when we first moved to Hampton, Virginia.  I remember it being kind of cool, but wasn’t all that impressed.  Hey, I was 6 years old, gimme a break.  Naturally, at 7, I was much older and wiser.  🙂  Through the 15 years we lived in the area, I visited Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg many times.  It was a favorite place to go escape the ‘real world’ of being a teenager.

I had Virginia history pounded into my brain for the majority of my public school experience.  It’s served me well in grown up life.  Learning about the heroes that had a hand in creating our country is, in my opinion, one of the most important parts of education.  I have asked several younger folks if they know who Patrick Henry was, and sadly, not many do.

One misconception is that Jamestown is where all the slavery business started.  Not true.  The “Red Letter Date” of 1619 did see the first Africans in the new colony, but as indentured servants, NOT as slaves.

I made sure my daughter visited the area to learn some of the history of our nation and about the hardships people endured to make a stand in the New World.  A couple of years ago, I took the oldest granddaughter for a visit.  I think she had more fun than the brat.  She and Mr. Ol’ Broad were fascinated by the glass blowers.  In a few years, I’ll be taking the younger rugrat to view the history and experience what it was like.

If you are ever looking for someplace to take your family, THIS is the place.  There is much to do and see and learn.  Ok, there’s also Busch Gardens in the area, just in case, plus a few other money suckers.  Plus, Washington, D.C. is only about a 3 hour drive.


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