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May 14, 2007

Brain Dead!

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I went to the dentist this morning.  I don’t like dentists.  What should have taken no more than an hour ended up taking almost 3 hours.  Why?  Well, the first half hour, I was just waiting.  I almost walked out.  I told them I’d reschedule if he didn’t have time today.  “No, no!  He’s coming, right now!”  Uh huh.  Well, he did, but then it was another hour before they got the area numb.  Then an additional half hour for whatever the heck he was doing.  I still thing that was smoke coming out of my mouth!  Yep, about 3 hours worth of anxiety.  If I wasn’t planning on putting some distance between me and Wisconsin today, I would have made sure they gave me Valium!

Due to my morning jollies, my departure was delayed quite a bit.  I got all the way to Columbus before I realized I had forgotten the key to the house in Tennessee.  I called home, but the Mr. wasn’t there.  I thought, perhaps, if he could meet me in Beaver Dam with the key, I wouldn’t lose so much road time.  It was not to be.  Let’s face, at this point, I was already aggravated.  My own stupidity, but I yelled at the answering machine instead.  I finally calmed down by the time I pulled into the driveway.   The dear man met me at the door with the key.  🙂

Saw something on I-74 I really could have done without EVER seeing.  Bovines….ummm….being …..ummmm……intimate.  My poor eyes!!  (shudder)

I don’t like driving at night anymore.  This old age business does that to ya.  But I managed to make it quite a distance….I think I’m in Salem, Illinois.  I’m pretty sure the poor girl at the desk thinks I’m a complete flake.  🙂  At this point, I think she’s right!


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