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May 15, 2007

Back Roads

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I decided to take a few back roads while driving down to Tennessee this time. Although it’s a more direct route, it really doesn’t save much time. However, there are pluses, and minuses, to leaving the Interstate system.

One thing that struck me immediately was Cairo, Illinois, looks a whole lot like a third world country. There were some houses I have no doubt were absolutely gorgeous at one time, are now, nothing more than dumps, with broken windows and trash in the yards. I had to drive over the Ohio River one one of the narrowest BIG bridge I’ve ever seen. The thing was shaking quite a bit with the large trucks going over. I was extremely happy to get off that thing.

One thing I noticed as I crossed into Kentucky. Manicured lawns. I didn’t matter if it was a mansion, with horses roaming around, or a double wide trailer. The yards were beautiful. Nice scenery until I got a a paper factory. Ok, it still was nice scenery, but the smell….. Clothespin time! 🙂 That is definitely one smell you never forget, and will recognize immediately!

Then, you’ll see things you wouldn’t otherwise see. For example, a man sitting near the road, in the grass, in front of a Tennessee county jail dressed in…what else….striped prison garb!



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