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May 19, 2007

To Serr8d

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Nope, personal opinion…you’re not a “leftist envirowacho”.  🙂  The whining left never takes into account the needs for oil exploration and never takes into account how many lives have been saved with things made from oil by-products.

I love wind farms…think they’re just plain majestic.  I’d even buy a hybrid…if they weren’t so bloomin’ ugly.  I have a preference for clean air, and I wouldn’t mind my grandkids being able to breath without a mask when they get to be my age.  Until the time where car manufactures get serious about alternatives, we’ll be stuck.
They should have done this a long time ago.  I remember talk of an electric car back in the 60s and early 70s, but that the big guys wouldn’t let it go forward.  Everyone said it was just a ‘conspiracy theory’.  Guess they were wrong.  If they had, then perhaps we’d all be driving something other than the gas guzzlers.  I like trees, and hate seeing them cut down to ‘put up a parking lot’.  Trees produce oxygen.  We breath oxygen.  Ever notice how much sweeter the air smell near a forest?  Yet the tree huggers pound spikes in them, doing more damage than they realize.  Wacko?  Nope, I think you’ve got it down pat.

The enviro terrorists burn down housing complexes and car dealership, in the name of “Saving the Planet” while what they are doing is destroying it.  Now THEY are wackos!

Now, the odd question here is….who really cares more about the environment….the BP company trying to give money, or the jackasses who refuse to take it?  BP has done a lot of work to keep the environment clean around where they drill.  Ever been to one of those rallies the moonbats have?  Trash every where.  Go to a conservative type event, and you’ll see people picking up their trash, caring for Mother Earth, and the children who will inherent it.

Does that make me an envirowhacko as well?  Naw.  Makes me a grandmother, worried about the fate of our planet.  I kid a lot about what will it matter, I’ll be dead….but it does matter.  I’d like a natural environment but I won’t eat organic food.  Tastes like crap.  I want range chicken…eating all the crap on the ground to make the best tasting eggs there are around.  I want cows without all those drugs they stick it ’em to produce more milk.  But I’m afraid to try oragnic milk.  Got the yuck factor again.

I want to put solar panels on the house so I don’t have to pay to a large corporation more money than they actually need for the service they provide.  40 years ago, it cost more than the house….I know, I helped build some that went on Steve McQueen and Robert Redford’s house.  No one else could afford them back then.  New houses should all come standard with the collectors.

I want those two girls to sit down to a decent meal and not have to worry about whether or not they’re going to get salmonella, or e-coli, or some other sort of germ along with their fresh lettuce in the bowl.

All that being said, I still want to drill in ANWR.  I want refineries built so when my granddaughters have children, there will be baby bottles, and sippy cups and pacifiers  and toys that won’t hurt them……made of plastic.  I want the girls to be able to get their shots without worrying about what will deliver said scream maker.

Does that make sense?  What I would like to see, and what is reality aren’t the same thing sadly.  We need to drill.  We need those new refineries.  We need to build reactors.  We need to ween ourselves off the teat of foreign oil


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