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May 21, 2007

Morning Coffee 5/21/07

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Murders drop 37% so far in Nashville

Crackdowns on gangs, guns and domestic violence, coupled with community outreach, helped Nashville reduce the number of homicides recorded so far this year, Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas says.

Perhaps Milwaukee’s chief should have a chat with this fella, find out what he’s doing?

Hamas: Israel will be wiped off the map

A senior Hamas leader in Gaza declared Monday morning that it was signed and sealed within his party that Israel would be wiped off the map and replaced by a Palestinian State, Israel Radio reported. He added that rockets and missiles were the means of removing Israel from the picture.

Sounds like a pretty serious threat to me. Perhaps Israel should stop pussy footing around, take out Hamas?

‘Suspicious’ fire burns historic Cutty Sark

A spectacular fire caused heavy damage to the clipper ship Cutty Sark on Monday, adding millions to the cost of restoring one of London’s proudest maritime relics.

The cause of the blaze was under investigation, but within hours officials responsible for the graceful 19th-century sailing ship said they were determined to carry on with a four-year restoration project.

What on earth would motivate anyone to set fire to a historic relic? Do they think it’s funny? Perhaps, whoever did it should have to pay for the extra restoration themselves.

Federal menu friendlier to Latinos

When Reina Rosales was pregnant with her first son, the Charlotte resident would eat eight tortillas a day.

Now that she’s pregnant again, she anticipates a similar robust appetite. And this time, the federal government might pay her grocery bill.

Ummm…..why? Why should the taxpayers foot the bill? I don’t mean why do we care for pregnant women, we should. But why should we expand what we do pay for to ‘special’ cravings? Most women on W.I.C. are on food stamps. Since it’s a food, shouldn’t that cover tortillas?

Exclusive: Secret US plot to kill Al-Sadr

The US Army tried to kill or capture Muqtada al-Sadr, the widely revered Shia cleric, after luring him to peace negotiations at a house in the holy city of Najaf, which it then attacked, according to a senior Iraqi government official.

I wonder if this jackass knows, or cares, how many lives he has put in danger?

Few senators support the illegals bill

“I did not agree to any immigration deal and was not part of the negotiations,” said Sen. Jim Bunning, Kentucky Republican and a likely opponent. “From what I have heard about the bill, it gives amnesty to the estimated 12.5 million illegal immigrants in this country.”

Perhaps there is some sanity left in D.C.? I’m not going to get too optimistic yet though. I’ve been disappointed too many times with what Washington does.

Doyle plan cuts money to local hospitals

Under a revision to Gov. Jim Doyle’s proposal to tax hospitals, UW Hospital and Meriter Hospital would receive millions less in Medicaid funding than originally anticipated.

The Legislature still needs to approve the plan, a key part of Doyle’s $57.7 billion budget. It’s currently in the Joint Finance Committee.

I’m getting dizzy! He wants to tax per bed, yet cut money? Somehow, that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Actor Carl Wright of ‘Barbershop’ movies dies at age 75


Actor Carl Wright, who began his career as a tap dancer and comedian and later appeared in movies including “Barbershop” and “Big Momma’s House,” has died, his family confirmed Sunday. He was 75.

R.I.P. sir. I really liked “Barbershop”. 1 and 2.


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