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May 23, 2007

Are Chickens Up Yet?

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I’ve been awake for almost an hour.  What is going on!  🙂  I suppose since I was having nothing but trouble with the computer last night, and since there was nothing grabbing my attention on the idjit box, going to bed and reading was a good option.  Of course, I was asleep by 11.  Weird!  I was hoping to see the peacocks this morning, but alas, none in sight.   They probably can’t get through all the under brush that’s grown up in the trees.  Sad.  They are quite a sight to see in the morning….pecking at the windows, pooping on the deck.  🙂

The kid finally finished cutting the weeds last evening.  Daylight and dark!  Today, they’ll be tilling a good acre of that so they can lay the sod.  Hey honey, it’s gonna be a REAL yard!  🙂  Well, part of one anyway.  Since the weeds are all gone, I can see we have a least one lovely acre (all the combined big patches) of dust out farther from the house.  One thing at a time!  🙂  I’ll be happy with some real grass, even if it is only on a third of the land.  Wonder what a gazebo would look like out there?  🙂  Don’t get yer knickers in a twist, hon.  I’m just kidding…..maybe.  🙂  Hey, at least I didn’t say the ‘P’ word……POOL!  LOL


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