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May 24, 2007

Evening Snack (5/24)

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Saks Shoe Department Gets Own ZIP Code

Saks Fifth Avenue says its new shoe department is so big and fancy it’s getting its own ZIP code. The quintessential Manhattan store is revamping its shoe department, and when it moves from the fourth floor to the eighth floor in August customers will be able to send mail to 10022-SHOE.

I wonder if I can get a zip code for my shoes? Mr. Ol’ Broad thinks I have too many, but ya know, no lady can EVER have too many shoes or too much jewelry. 🙂

Bid to repeal guest worker program is turned back in Senate

The measure — which has become known as the “grand bargain” — would provide a path to citizenship for millions of illegal workers but reduce the number of green cards available to family members and increase those for workers with needed skills. It has been denounced on the right as amnesty and on the left as a program to take jobs from American workers or to undercut their wages.

What it is …… pure D crap! Try enforcing the bloomin’ law FIRST!

Gas station closes pumps in price protest

Yellow caution tape surrounded Pollack’s six idle pumps for his protest, which drew dozens of drivers. One in a green minivan rolled down her window and shouted “Thank you!”

Maria McClory, 38, drove 10 miles out of her way to buy a diet soda from Pollack’s station after seeing local television coverage of the protest.

“I just wanted to support them and thank them for making a statement,” said McClory, who drives about 100 miles a day for work in her sport utility vehicle.

Good for her! I don’t think it’s going to make a bit of difference, but at least it is getting some attention.

Majority Favor Changing Immigration Laws, Poll Says

Americans want to change the immigration laws to allow illegal immigrants to gain legal status and to create a new guest worker program to meet future labor demand, taking a pragmatic view on a divisive issue, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll.

Do they just make things up as they go along? Most polls I’ve read, or heard about says at least 70% want the federal gubmint to ENFORCE THE LAW. After they do that, THEN we could talk about worker visas, or some such thing.

Bredesen’s proposed cigarette tax hike clears key panel

After months of resistance, Gov. Phil Bredesen’s proposed cigarette tax hike cleared a key hurdle today, advancing through a powerful Senate committee today after being cut in half from a 40 cent increase to a 20 cent hike.

Any tax increase sucks, but 20 cents is better than 40. Let’s just leave it at that, ok?

House OKs billions for Iraq war, no timeline

Bowing to President Bush, the Democratic-controlled House reluctantly approved fresh billions for the Iraq war on Thursday, minus the troop withdrawal timeline that drew his earlier veto.
In exchange for providing the war money on Bush’s terms, Democrats won White House approval for about $17 billion in spending above what the administration originally sought. Roughly $8 billion of that was for domestic programs from hurricane relief to farm aid to low-income children’s health coverage.

They just can’t help themselves, can they. The gubmint has NO business in the charity business. All they do is screw it all up!

Iran wants former nuclear plant engineer released from US custody

Iran has called on US officials to immediate release an Iranian-American accused of violating a US trade embargo with Iran by taking to Tehran software from the Arizona nuclear plant where he used to work.

How ’bout THEY release the Iranian-Americans they took into custody for no good reason first….then, we’ll chat.

Woman who fell from coaster seeks $16M

Inspectors determined Robinson “was extremely large” and should have been denied access to the ride. Robinson described herself in the lawsuit as “healthy, active and industrious” but says the ride should have “adequate height and weight restrictions.”

Ok, maybe medical bills, and some lost time, but 16 mil? I don’t think so!


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