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May 27, 2007

Evening Snack (5/27)

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Ala. terror Web site angers activists

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has taken down a Web site it operated that included gay rights and anti-war organizations in a list of groups that could include terrorists.

I don’t suppose it matters if a group has been known to use terror tactics, as long as no one is offended. Sheesh! And yes, that would include any pro-life bunch that advocats shooting doctors and bombing so called clinics.

Rockies give Bonds No. 746

Barry Bonds broke out of a lengthy home run slump today, hitting his 746th career homer in the sixth inning against Colorado to pull within nine of Hank Aaron’s career record 755.

As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t count. He’s not even going to deserve an asterisk!

Williamson County’s Franchitti wins Indy 500

Williamson County resident Dario Franchitti won Sunday’s rain-shortened Indianapolis 500.

The race, which had been delayed earlier by rain, was called on lap 166 when another storm struck, cutting it short by 34 laps with Franchitti in front of Scott Dixon.

Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

Smoking ban hangs like unhealthy cloud outside

Indoor smoking bans intended to reduce the public’s exposure to cigarettes may merely be moving the problem outside, new research shows.

In New York, how can they even tell? Granted, it’s been many years since I’ve been there, but it stunk to high heaven then, with a lot few people. I can’t even imagine it now, and don’t want to. HEY, y’all leave us alone! We pay taxes! BIG taxes.

Serial arsonist on the loose?

Four Dumpster fires downtown in a short period of time have officials wondering if they have a serial arsonist on their hands.

The fires have occurred in the last week, said Fond du Lac Fire Department Capt. Nick Sphatt. They are under investigation by the Police and Fire Departments.

“There are similarities in the fires,” Sphatt said, declining to provide more details.

Do they mean other than the fact there were fires in the dumpsters?

Jackson Family Auction to Begin Wed.

The items are to go on sale following a protracted court battle that ended two weeks ago when Michael Jackson’s lawyers reached a confidential settlement and dropped an effort to block the auction.

Richard Altomare, chief executive of Universal Express Inc., the Boca Raton, Fla., luggage transportation company that owns the items, said Jackson’s lawyers settled when they were convinced they had no legal claim to the goods.

Gee, I guess I best rush to bid on an item or two…………LMAO I don’t think so!

Beirut wants Palestinians to settle Nahr al-Bared crisis

The Lebanese government deferred to Palestinians factions on Sunday in brokering a “political” solution to the standoff here between the army and Fatah al-Islam militants, although it was unclear to what extent Palestinian leaders had accepted the role. “We are waiting for the Palestinians factions to reach a final decision on how to deal with the issue of Fatah al-Islam,” Youth and Sports Minister Ahmad Fatfat told The Daily Star Sunday. “The army continues to maintain security on the ground.”

Are they kidding? The Palestinians can’t even solve their own problems, and the Lebanese gubmint expects them to solve theirs?


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