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May 27, 2007


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I had thought about going to the world famous Buford Pussor Festival a few miles down the road…..then thought better of it. The traffic was bad enough on the roads during the day, I can’t imagine what it would have been like on a the teeny road up to the park, not to mention, there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of parking places.  Maybe I just didn’t look hard enough.  🙂

Pusser event draws fans

Gathered in a museum that was once a house, more than 70 men and women, some sitting and some standing, listened intently Saturday afternoon as historian Steve Sweat, 51, told the legend of lawman Buford Pusser, a man who was known for “walking tall.”

A story teller eh? Sounds fairly interesting actually, but I wonder how much is legend, and how much is based in fact.

Those people were among the hundreds of other fans who attended the 19th annual Buford Pusser Festival, held Wednesday through Saturday at Buford Pusser Park in Adamsville. Fans showed up to honor the late former McNairy County sheriff, who has been the subject of many movies, books, songs and television shows throughout the years.

I’ve seen one movie.  I don’t recall it as being very good.  Entertaining, sure, but ….. I didn’t know there were songs and books and such too.

Pusser became famous after he was elected in 1964, according to a Web site devoted to his life. People around the world know him as the “Unkillable Lawman” and the man who cleaned up various types of crime on the Tennessee-Mississippi state line. Those crimes ranged from gambling and prostitution to moonshine operations.

Honestly, I’ve never heard him called the “unkillable lawman”. Worldwide, ya say?

“(The storytelling) was the best part,” Shewmake said. “We also met Dwana (Pusser’s daughter) and took pictures with her.”

I’ve had a couple of people in the area tell me that Dwana is milking the town of Adamsville with her daddy’s name. I don’t know if it’s true, I’ve never met the woman.

Pusser was shot eight times and knifed seven times during his confrontations with organized crime, according to The Jackson Sun’s files.

He survived those attacks, but violence took a toll on his family in 1967 when he and his wife, Pauline, were ambushed by gunmen near New Hope Church in McNairy County. Pauline was killed, and Buford was seriously wounded.

The man was definitely a tough ol’ bird, that’s for sure.

Pusser left the sheriff’s office in 1970. He died in a car crash on Aug. 21, 1974, on the way home from stopping at the McNairy County Fair, after a press conference where he had announced a third “Walking Tall” movie.

There were 3 of ’em? Hmmm….


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