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May 28, 2007

Evening Snack (5/28)

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U.S., Iran Meet to Discuss Iraq Security

U.S. and Iranian diplomats met Monday in formal, bilateral talks for the first time in more than a quarter century and agreed in general terms on the advances they would like to see to restore stability to this fractured country, where both have vital interests, the U.S. envoy reported.

There’s that ‘chicken and hen house’ scenario again.

Gospel band’s van involved in crash that kills 1, injures 8

Most of those injured were in a passenger van belonging to Harvest Wind Band, a bluegrass gospel group from Statesville, N.C. The band was scheduled to perform later that day in the Bluegrass Pickin’ Time festival in Dixon, Mo.


Old mill offends newer homeowners

Caraustar Mill isn’t new, but many of the most vocal neighbors are new to this historic community just northwest of uptown that used to be known for its rough edges — not its smells.

Well, ain’t that a hoot. That’s like buying a house next to the airport, THEN complaining about the noise. I guess it never occurs those yahoos to buy elsewhere, or just how many people would be out of a job if they shut down the mill.

SWAT team called out for man who trashed home

The Fond du Lac SWAT team was called out early today for a 25-year-old man who was apparently drunk and trashing a home on Brooke Street.
“The man broke at least five windows, appeared to have punched several holes in the wall, tipped over the refrigerator and threw items all around,” said Major Kevin Lemke.

I saw no mention of a gun, or any other weapon, so why on earth did they call out the SWAT folks?

Car Bomb Kills at Least 21 in Baghdad

A suicide car bomber struck a busy Baghdad commercial district Monday, killing at least 21 people, setting vehicles on fire and damaging a nearby Sunni shrine, police and hospital officials said.

I have a plan: Build a fence around the entire country, no one in, or out. Let the bad guys blow each other up. When they are finished, and there’s no more homicide bombers left (they’ve all killed themselves), go in, help those who are left set up a real government, then leave. Simple.

Ophelia Ford won’t talk to kin

Ophelia Ford’s behavior has been very erratic of late, including a tirade at a senate committee meeting, a hospitalization after falling off a bar stool while reportedly intoxicated, and an altercation with a Nashville cab driver.

She has repeatedly denied suffering from drug or alcohol problems, blaming her behavior on anemia.

I’ve been anemic…that ain’t it! That woman is getting more strange by the day. It doesn’t appear she’s in any condition to continue as a TN state senator. I really hope she gets some help. I’ve heard some of her ramblings on the news, and that lady is seriously OUT there.

Spanish police arrest 16 suspected terrorists

The 16 are accused of spreading propaganda in favor of jihad, or holy war, and of sending volunteer fighters to groups operating in north Africa and countries in conflict such as Iraq, the statement said.

I guess Spain isn’t fighting a ‘war on terror’ either, eh John?

Mayor Assails Bill in Congress on Immigration

Lawmakers “should all look back on their history,” said Mr. Bloomberg, a small American flag draped on his lectern as he spoke to reporters, “and realize that if we had had the laws that they are proposing in many cases, they wouldn’t be here because their parents or grandparents would not have been here.”

Say whut?


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