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May 30, 2007

Words of Wisdom

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Political correctness is censorship. It is an attempt by others to regulate what you think.

Polls are orchestrated dishonesty. The people paying for the polls expect certain results.

The culture war is real. More often than not, the culture war is a battle for your disposable income.

Everyone is a victim of something. Live with it.

You will have enemies. Be gracious to them. It’s important you learn why they want you to fail.

The President of the United States is not responsible for your bad attitude.

The economy is not static. It percolates. Competition defines excellence. A sword is forged with fire.

Want to climb the ladder? Show up five minutes early, everyday, do your job and keep your opinions to yourself until you’re asked.

Never, ever, gossip in the workplace. Within a week it will come back to you.

Want a good job? Create your own. The hours will be tough but you’ll always get along with the boss.

Satan is a tough and deceptive negotiator. Part of his charm is that he can always make you believe you outwitted him.

You cannot compromise with evil. You can surrender to it or you can imprison it or you can kill it – there are no other options.

Headlines often lie. Don’t believe them. The truth is usually in the fourteenth paragraph.

Stay sober, don’t have kids until you’re married and learn how to use the English language. It’s a simple formula.

A basic understanding of anatomy ought to tell you babies are never accidents.

Your parents will get smarter.

It’s more work to look busy than to be busy. You might as well work.

Beauty is an attitude. If you give a jerk a make-over, you have a well-groomed jerk.

The lottery is a tax on the stupid.

The mainstream press is unreliable. Period.

Success is usually the result of having exhausted all your failures.

If anger persists – you lost.

Read. There are a million good, rich, uplifting stories in print. Hollywood has discovered only a handful of them.

Your silence, if you use it strategically, will sometimes be interpreted as wisdom.

Don’t fight other people’s battles.

“Like” is a word meaning similar to. Use it accordingly

God gave you two ears and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

Hollywood is not a holy city. Actors are not high priests. Producers are not prophets. Scriptwriters are not imbued with heavenly visions and special effects are not acts of God.

The world isn’t conspiring against you. You’re not that important.

History didn’t begin the moment you were born.

There will be a point in time when you will be asked to ignore, or deny, your faith. Formulate your answer before it happens and understand: It will cost you.

When Jesus said “judge not, lest ye be judged” he was saying we should judge cautiously. Learn the whole verse and rehearse your response because it is, perhaps, the most oft-repeated excuse to justify bad behavior.

Love isn’t enough. Studies show almost half of broken marriages were predictable before the wedding day – and had nothing to do with the chemistry of love.

Marry a friend.

Despite what teachers say, self-esteem cannot be bestowed. It can only be earned.

Sin can, and is, forgiven – but only through submission.

Young men are wired for sex. Young women are wired for relationships. This makes young men clueless, stupid and awkward, and makes young women impatient with young men. This is part of God’s creation called comedy. Learn to laugh at it and remember that it is easier for the woman to be a little more patient than it is for the man to be a little less stupid.

H/T: American and Proud


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  1. Some of this can be taken as good advice. Some of this can be dismissed as claptrap. Not a bad mix, but certainly nothing that should be internalized without critical thought.

    I quote: “If anger persists – you lost.” yet there is a lot of anger an defeatism in the list.

    If you want good advice I suggest you start with the Beatitudes. When you have them mastered you can look for some other challenges.

    Comment by grumps — May 30, 2007 @ 11:38

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