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May 31, 2007

Mini McGee

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How could I have missed Eugene Kane’s column yesterday? Guess I had better things to do.

I find a few things a little odd in this column. Like:

Also troubling is how many folks are willing to throw “innocent until proven guilty” out the window simply because McGee is a public figure they never liked and always wanted to see meet a bad end.

I don’t think people sincerely want to toss out the judicial code, even if it is McJackson. People are just wishing that the law had been more effective in the past incidents.

(Granted, “innocent until proven guilty” has never resonated as much with regular folks as “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”)

What ‘folks’ is he referring to? Charlie? Jessica? Owen? Patrick? All of the white persuasion, you’ll note.

There’s a legion of people willing to call McGee a criminal now that the federal government has supplied the ammunition. To be fair, most of these people called McGee the same thing before any charges were filed in this matter.

Mr. Kane, he IS a criminal! Most law abiding citizens don’t end up in court, and threatening people while there. Law abiding citizens aren’t arrested 3 times in 18 months. His actions can’t be considered ‘civil disobedience’, which wouldn’t necessarily make him a criminal, although in that case, there would obviously be some law broken, so yeah, I guess that would criminal too.

It’s fair to say no local politician in recent years has engendered so much diverse reaction, particularly across racial lines. I get the sense some people are convinced the majority of racial problems in Milwaukee would disappear if more black people rejected Mike McGee as a leader.

That’s not true, but it’s what some people believe.

Mr. Kane doesn’t think that many problems would ease in Milwaukee if the hatred of the McGee’s would stop? Hmmm… You don’t put out a fire with gasoline, Mr. Kane. And the McGee’s are the gasoline.

McGee surely must have known he was a prime target for an aggressive federal prosecutor such as Steven Biskupic; three Milwaukee aldermen have served prison terms for political crimes in recent years. Also, McGee himself filed a federal complaint with the U.S. Justice Department against Biskupic over targeting black leaders in 2004.

Why is it that if a black politician breaks the law, is arrested, convicted, and does time, it’s ‘targeting’? I guess Mr. Kane hasn’t noticed any of the WHITE politicians who have also been arrested, convicted, and doing time. But that’s different right? A crooked politician needs to be arrested, convicted and doing time. They should be doing a lot MORE time. I don’t give a happy crap what color they are, if they are feeding at the public trough, and breaking the public trust? Bury ’em UNDER the jail.

It’s a safe bet that many 6th District residents will continue to support McGee; the word entrapment already has been bandied about on black talk radio.

Entrapment? Poor Michael, so misunderstood. Gimme a friggin’ break. And here I thought Mr. Kane was smarter than that. Foolish me.

The people gloating over McGee’s predicament should remember how quickly events can change and how slowly legal matters can move toward resolution. There’s a chance McGee will remain in office for months to come.

Sounds like a veiled threat to me. If McGee had any dignity at all, he’d resign, instead of putting his district, the city and the state, through such shame. But it’s all about McGee, an egotistical little man, with no sense of shame. The fact he is harming those he claims to represent means nothing.


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