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May 31, 2007

Peacocks -7 Ol’ Broad – 1

Filed under: The Peacock War — olbroad @ 8:40

Yes, it seems that my new toy doesn’t pack enough umph! I scored a direct hit again, but this time, the damn bird did a little fluttering and glared.  I thought I might have a victory this morning when I turned on the sprinklers. Well, it did work, for a while, but I can’t leave the sprinkler on all bloomin’ day. So, they are back. I hear them on the roof. Jumping on the deck……crapping all over the place. I think my Asian lilies are going to take a nose dive since I can’t leave them outside.

I’m not declaring defeat!  I’m NOT Harry Reid ya know!  I just wish the people who sold us this house had told us about the fowl problem, we could have at least tried to take a few steps to prevent coming to this point.  If I could find the way to the guy’s house, I would politely ask him to try to keep his birds in another part of the state…..the Smokey Mountains should be nice this time of year.



  1. I’m reminded of my sister Sarah who was looking to buy a house in Santa Barbara a number of years ago. She and her husband took a nice tour of the place, and liked it very much. They were quite happy with the price too, but were having lingering doubts.

    So a few days after one of their tours, they made another visit to the house to look it over again and try to convince themselves to lay out the money, but at an unexpected time.

    Suddenly a jet roared overhead, and they realized why the house was so cheap. Although not technically very close to the airport, it was on one of the approach vectors that was used on a specific schedule which the realtor had known.

    Comment by Nick — May 31, 2007 @ 9:25

  2. One difference, ya can’t shoot down planes. 🙂 I’m considering shooting down these damn peacocks…and have a peacock roast!

    Comment by olbroad — May 31, 2007 @ 10:12

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