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June 2, 2007

Morning Coffee 6/2/07

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Farmers: ‘Monster Pig’ Not a Wild Hog, But Was Their Pet Pig ‘Fred’

The Mystery of the Monster pig appears to have been solved.

The 1,051-pound hog, shot and killed by 11-year-old Jamison Stone and the subject of a world-wide Web firestorm over the photo’s authenticity, really is…


Isn’t a hog a pig, with a bad attitude? I honestly don’t know the difference. BBQ is BBQ! 🙂

Report: U.S. Hits Militants’ Somali Base

At least one U.S. warship bombarded a remote, mountainous village in Somalia where Islamic militants had set up a base, officials in the northern region of Puntland said Saturday.

The attack from a U.S. destroyer took place late Friday, said Muse Gelle, the regional governor. The extremists had arrived Wednesday by speedboat at the port town of Bargal.

Hey Reid!! Is that “lost” too? Not that Somalia is really a democracy, or anything close to, but don’t they have enough problems without those loons coming in causing more trouble?

No more romp and circumstance

So in the interest of preserving the decorum of their graduation proceedings, a number of school districts have drafted agreements with graduating seniors and their guests outlining behavioral expectations.

Shouldn’t they worry more about a “code of conduct” while they are actually IN school, then maybe there wouldn’t be as many problems when they are getting out of? Just a thought.

Bill seeks to define boundaries for religion in schools
Schools undecided on how to regulate rights students always had

Supporters say the bill protects the rights of all students who choose to talk about their faith. Opponents say it may unfairly privilege the religion held by the majority of students or permit hate speech in the name of religion.

Talking about the love of G-d could be construed as ‘hate speech’? Schools aren’t teaching ethics anymore, there should be some in schools, found somewhere, even in the Bible. I don’t understand denying Christians their 1st Amendment rights, yet the ACLU defends pedophiles for their 1st Amendment rights. The world has truly turned upside down.

Gore doubts his ‘aptitude for politics’
Today’s system isn’t good match for him

Americans ranging from powerful CEOs such as Apple’s Steve Jobs to everyday folks have encouraged former Vice President Al Gore to run for president, but Gore said Friday in Nashville that he isn’t sure he has what it takes to be elected president in the current political climate.

However, he said he hasn’t ruled out running in 2008.

Gag. I guess people thinking he’s nuttier than a fruit cake is irrelevant.

Syria won’t deal with Hariri tribunal

“The issue of the tribunal concerns Lebanon alone, and Syria will not concede its sovereignty to any party, no matter who that party is,” Walid al-Muallem said Friday at a joint press conference in Damascus with his visiting Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki.

Two things: Syria doesn’t want to be ‘found out’ and at least they have enough sense not to hand over their sovereignty to a bunch of dirt bags.

Grocery talks clear a big hurdle

Negotiators for the big grocery chains and store clerks have reached a tentative agreement on the thorny issue of health benefits, making it increasingly likely that Southland shoppers won’t endure a strike this summer.

When unions demand more and more from a business, that business loses profits. With no profits, there’s no reason to stay in business. Business shuts down, union members out of work. Who does this help?


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