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June 3, 2007

Evening Snack (6/3)

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Democratic Candidates Debate Terror, Iraq

Democratic frontrunners John Edwards, Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama sparred Sunday night over support for the war in Iraq and the war on terror with Clinton telling Edwards that he was wrong to characterize the latter as a “bumper sticker slogan.”

Shucky darn. Sorry I missed that.

Bush touts compassion, a nicer America’ for his trip to meeting, Europe

“He’s cycling back to this nicer, kinder America,” Kupchan said. “This is an agenda that is much more popular in Europe than the talk about fighting al-Qaida and chasing the Taliban through the mountains of Konar province” in Afghanistan.

I don’t want to be a ‘kinder America’. I want to be a kiss ass, don’t worry about names, America!

Fighting Erupts at Second Lebanon Camp

Lebanon’s army pounded Islamic militants hiding in a bombed-out Palestinian refugee camp Sunday for the third straight day, while fighting erupted near another camp in the south, stoking fears of more widespread violence breaking out in the country.

Perhaps Lebanon should consider a mass eviction?

Saying We Live in a “More Dangerous” Time, Thompson Drops More Hints

Fred Thompson says the country faces different challenges now than it did when he spurned overtures to run for president in 2000, leading him to consider a return to politics.

“I think that everybody was kind of sitting back, taking it easy and thinking that, you know, peace and prosperity were going to kind of last forever. I think we know better than that now,” the former Tennessee senator told The Associated Press.

I would hope we know better, but I have my doubts about some folks in this country.

Amnesty International: Israel destroying hope of Palestinians

A new Amnesty International Report on the West Bank has charged Israel with the “destruction of hope” of Palestinians. The report, “Enduring Occupation: Palestinians under siege in the West Bank,” released Monday morning, contains a litany of accusations against Israel, including “unlawful land grabs,” causing the deaths of Palestinians with medical emergencies who wait at checkpoints, and “using excessive and unwarranted force” against “international peace activists demonstrating against the fence/wall/.”

The Palestinians have been destroying their own hope for years. Blaming it on Israel is just a cop out.

Putin risks new Cold War with threat to aim his missiles at Europe

Vladimir Putin has threatened to aim Russian missiles at Europe once again if the U.S. presses ahead with its plans to build a missile defence shield near his borders.

The Russian president said his country was willing to make the move, even though it risked restarting the Cold War with the U.S.

The KGB evidently is still alive and well in the Kremlin. Not good.

Germany Praises Bush on Global Warming

Bush on Thursday proposed the 15 biggest emitters of greenhouse gases hold meetings and set an emissions goal. But he would let each country – including the U.S., China, India and the major European countries – decide individually how to implement it.

Ok, when did the president start moving towards moonbattery?


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